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CCTV pays attention to Shui Qingxia of the Women’s Asian Cup: There may be problems at the beginning, but you must believe in yourself_China Women’s Football_Zhang Ruihe_Zhang Linyan

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Original title: CCTV pays attention to the Women’s Asian Cup Shui Qingxia: There may be problems at the beginning, but you must believe in yourself

The Chinese women’s football team will set off for India on the night of January 15 to participate in the Women’s Asian Cup. CCTV’s “Football Night” program focused on the Chinese women’s football team’s journey to the Asian Cup. Women’s football coach Shui Qingxia said in an interview that the Asian Cup may not start well. She told the players not to have any concerns and let go of their hands and feet. .

At the expedition ceremony of the Chinese women’s football team today, Shui Qingxia said to the players: “Participating in the Asian Cup under the severe global epidemic situation is the first test for our Chinese women’s football team in a new cycle. Everyone must be prepared for difficulties. .”

After Shui Qingxia took over the Chinese women’s football team, several players who had been away from the national team for several years returned to the spotlight, including Zhao Lina, the main goalkeeper of the Rio Olympics. In an interview, Zhao Lina said: “After I left the national team in recent years, I also gave myself time to adjust. I also actively participated in the league and various competitions at the club. Many fans thought that I had retired for a long time. Stopped and said on Weibo that he did not retire, and hoped to have the opportunity to return to the national team. I cherish the opportunity to return to the national team this time. For me, it can be regarded as an opportunity to start over. As a newcomer to the national team, everything starts from scratch and can perform well.”

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Also returning are veteran Zhang Rui and young player Zhang Linyan. Zhang Rui in 1989 is currently the oldest player in the women’s football team. Zhang Rui, who is about to turn 33 years old, said: “I am quite contradictory. Back to the national team, I have some worries and concerns, but I really want to return to the national team.” In 2020, Zhang Rui’s national team is facing disbandment, she has no ball to play for a whole year, and many teammates have retired because of this. Rui chose to persevere.

Zhang Linyan also had to return to Guangdong to play in the Women’s League One for a year last season because of contract issues. When it comes to returning to the national team, Zhang Linyan said: “When I first started playing for the national team, I may be young, I may not be ready, and I don’t feel that way. I have a lot of thoughts, I still want to come after I leave, but I am anxious because I have gone to the women’s armor, and now I come to every class, and the water guide brings a lot of different things, and I want to perform well.” Shui Qingxia said that the selection of candidates There are only two criteria, one is to perform well enough on the field, but to have a strong desire to play for the country. “The performance on the field is my preferred standard. Seeing her performance is really outstanding, I also hope to recruit her in the future training camps, listen to her wishes, and I think it’s good to understand.”

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This women’s Asian Cup is also the first test that the Chinese women’s football team faces after regrouping. Shui Qingxia said bluntly: “It is also possible that the players didn’t start well. The team didn’t play much because of the epidemic, and the opening may not be ideal. There will be problems of one kind or another. We still have to make plans. I believe in our players. I tell them to believe in themselves, let go of their hands and feet, and don’t focus on others. What to say, focus on the game and mental adjustment.”

In the end, veteran Wang Shuang said: “I still hope that the Asian Cup will not put too much pressure on myself and the team. After all, it is a new Chinese women’s football team, including many young players, and has not had too many appearances in international competitions. , or look at the Chinese women’s football with an objective attitude, if the Asian Cup can let fans and friends, including people in the industry, see that we have made a little progress, it will be very good.”

The Chinese women’s football team will spend this year’s Spring Festival in a foreign country. At the expedition ceremony, Shui Qingxia said that there is no turning back and arrows, and starting out means facing new challenges. I wish the Chinese women’s football team all the best.

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