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Chile, Boric new president: he is the youngest in history – Foreign

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Rome, December 19, 2021 – A millennial former leader of the student protest, Gabriel Boric, 35, is the new president of Chile, the youngest in the democratic history of the Latin American state. From the very beginning of the ballot, in fact, Boric, leader of the Frente Amplio and the Partido Comunista, was at the head of the ballot. And his challenger, the far-right candidate, Jose Antonio Kast, also called the ‘Chilean Bolsonaro’, immediately phoned him to admit defeat and congratulate him. Kast himself made it known on his Twitter account: “I just spoke on the phone with Gabriel Boric and I congratulated him on his great success. From today he is the President of Chile and deserves all our esteem and constructive cooperation. The Chile always ahead of everything“.

Kast, who in the past has repeatedly defended the military dictatorship, had finished at the top of the first round of elections last month, but had not managed to obtain a majority of the votes. This led to a head-to-head run-off against Boric, who finished two points apart.

Boric then won the ones that were the more uncertain elections from the return to democracy. Furthermore, for the first time since 1990, two candidates outside the traditional center-left and center-right parties, with opposing economic and social programs, faced each other.

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And so, with Boric, the left resoundingly returns to power in Chile, with a very large victory, beyond all expectations. After the conservative Sebastian Pinera, the young deputy of the left promises a break with the policies of the past and proposes to strengthen the role of the state in the economy, a tax increase to finance social spending and the end of the private pension system inherited from the dictatorship.

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