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Corticella-Ravenna: believing in it is the only road that leads to C

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Corticella-Ravenna: believing in it is the only road that leads to C

The one between Corticella and Ravenna is a classic match between the top of the class where the league leaders Ravenna can give impetus to their ambitions and the hosts try to undermine the lead and get back in the wake.

The game is played at the “Biavati” sports center on the outskirts of Bologna. The capacity of the small local facility, for seats alone, stands at around 300 units, but with the lawn around the grandstand it could even reach around 500 attendees. For this match however, it can be said that there are approximately 400 attendees. The small stand is divided in half between home fans and visiting fans, a part of which also positions themselves on the aforementioned lawn. Ticket price 12 euros, considered a little too much by those present who came to attend the match, but probably for the small Emilian club these events, with an expected and important guest presence, are among the rare if not only opportunities to make money and draw lifeblood from it for their own survival, even though this happens to the detriment of the opposing fans and inevitably ends up upsetting them.

The supporters of the Giallorossi, “with the lion above their chest” cit., are around 200. The section reserved for them is obviously packed while some of them, evidently more interested in the match than in active support, line up along the net that delimits the pitch of game.

On a visual, or representative level, if we want, there are only two pieces, LOYAL CLUBS e THE LIONS ROAR AGAIN scenario resulting from the dissolution of the Ultras 1994, while to add color and bring their own contribution by supporting the twins, there are also the red and blue spots made up of URB e FREAK from Bologna.

The drum acts as a constant background accompaniment, the actual soundtrack is instead composed of choirs that follow one another for almost the entire match, among which the “Romagna mia” in the anti-Cesena version cannot be missing.

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Ravenna on the pitch wins 2-0 with the players who, after the final whistle, go under the sector but this time they are the ones who dictate the tempo for a chorus that everyone present in the stands follows and echoes. There are all reasons to celebrate, the simultaneous defeat of Victor San Marino at home to Sangiuliano City, in fact, allows the Romagna team their first escape of the season. All that remains is to continue believing in it. Until the end.

Luigi Bisio

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