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Sandiaga Uno is optimistic that Ganjar-Mahfud will continue in the second round

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Sandiaga Uno is optimistic that Ganjar-Mahfud will continue in the second round


Chairman of Bappilu of the United Development Party (PPP) Sandiaga Salahudin Uno visited Karawang. Hundreds of residents of Kondangjaya Village, Klari District, Karawang Regency also enthusiastically welcomed Sandiaga Uno. PPP held a distribution of free basic necessities at this location.

“Thank God, these are the last days before the closing of the campaign period, I see the people are quite enthusiastic. We are immediately among the people hearing their complaints,” said the official who is familiarly called Sandi after the campaign in Kondangjaya Village, Klari District, Karawang Regency , Friday (9/2/2024).

Sandiaga, who also serves as Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy, admitted that he had heard various complaints from the public regarding the prices of basic necessities and the difficulty of employment opportunities for millennials and the general public.



“We heard various complaints regarding the expensive prices of basic necessities, the difficulty of finding employment, we will help with this with MSME training in accordance with the PPP tagline, namely easy work, low prices,” he said.

Apart from that, his blusukan agenda is also to campaign for additional votes for candidate pair number 3 Ganjar-Mahfud in Karawang. “Apart from that, we are also maximizing efforts to increase votes for Ganjar-Mahfud in West Java, including Karawang, tomorrow is the last campaign and tonight it will close with istigasah,” he said.

Sandi revealed that so far the positive trend shows that the vote share of the PPP and Ganjar-Mahfud is projected to reach the target in the elections which will be held next week.

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“We believe that West Java will have an increase in votes, Karawang will be one of the pillars. Our goal is that PPP will benefit society, this is what we are fighting for,” he said.

“For the vote acquisition based on our visit to East Java yesterday and West Java today, thank God there has been an increase. We monitor that from the internal PPP data aggregation it has passed 4 percent, which means it is on target and hopefully the results will be positive,” he continued.

Meanwhile, Sandi claims that the Ganjar-Mahfud pair is also optimistic about advancing in the second round of the presidential election on February 14. This is because the vote share based on internal surveys was quite strong after a series of campaigns.

“For the aggregation figure on paper, we have passed parliament at 4 percent, for PPP and Ganjar-Mahfud itself in West Java, we really have to work hard, based on monitoring it has reached 20 percent in West Java, and we have a target of 30 percent achievement national vote, we have confidence that Ganjar-Mahfud will advance to the second round,” he concluded.


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