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Covid, new decree in force from today. When vaccination obligation and new rules are triggered

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Rome, January 8, 2022 – Enter effective from today, after publication in the Official Journal, the latest government decree on anti-Covid measures, with compulsory vaccination for over 50s and the prohibition of access to workplaces without super Green pass in this age group from February 15th.

From the latest data are over two million no vax over 50, but there is no shortage of controversy over the provision that – according to Brothers of Italy and the guarantor of M5s, Beppe Grillo – undermines liberal and democratic principles. And there is controversy over the fine for those who do not get vaccinated: the 100 euro one-off penalty is defined as a “too low” penalty, “a joke”, “a mockery” for those who instead did the vaccine. On the matter, rooms of Palazzo Chigi intervened, specifying that – depending on the violations – a series of sanctions are envisaged.

So here is what the new decree on vaccination obligation and super green pass provides and when the new rules are triggered.

Vaccination obligation for over 50s

All Italian, EU or other nationals residing in Italy over the age of 50 they are obliged to be vaccinated. The obligation exists until June 15th. Otherwise, a one-off 100 euro fine will have to be paid from 1 February. The sanction will be imposed by the Revenue Agency, by cross-referencing the data of the resident population with those of the regional and provincial vaccination registries.

Super Green pass for workers over 50

From 15 February, workers over 50 subject to the vaccination obligation must have the Super Green pass. After 5 days of absence, the worker is considered in unjustified absence. He keeps his job and has no disciplinary sanctions, but wages and any other emoluments are suspended until the worker is equipped with the Super Green pass. Access to workplaces without a certificate attesting vaccine or recovery is prohibited and those who do not respect the prohibition will suffer an administrative sanction between 600 and 1,500 euros, without prejudice to the disciplinary consequences according to the respective sector regulations. For employers who violate the control obligation, the penalty is from 400 to 1,000 euros.

Replacement of suspended workers

All companies, after 5 days of unjustified absence, will be able to replace workers suspended because they do not have Covid green certification. The replacement will be for 10 days, renewable until March 31, 2022.

Super Green pass for social life

From next Monday, January 10, will also come into effect the super green pass requirement for local transport, shows, bars and other social activities. It will remain active until March 31, the date of the end of the state of emergency.

Basic green pass for services and shops

From 20 th January the basic Green pass will be needed to access the facilities that provide personal services (barbers, hairdressers, beauty centers). From February 1st the same rule will also apply to entering public offices, post offices, banks and commercial activities.

In hotel

Also in the white area, again from Monday, the lockdown for unvaccinated people in hotels is triggered. In these structures it will be possible to access only if in possession of the strengthened certificate.

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