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Daily New Paper digital newspaper platform-Winning is the only goal of the national football team

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Chinese National Football Team Depart for Singapore for Crucial Match

Today, the Chinese national football team departed from Shenzhen for Singapore in preparation for their upcoming match against the host country in the third round of the Asian top 36 group stage of the World Preliminaries. The match is scheduled for the 21st of this month, and national football coach Ivankovic has emphasized that winning is the only goal for the team.

In their final training session before departing, Ivankovic arranged a 120-minute group confrontation to fine-tune the team’s tactics and strategies. The players were given the opportunity to familiarize themselves with their on-field responsibilities and improve their positions. Unfortunately, some key players like Li Shuai, Zhao Bo, Li Ang, Xie Weneng, and Li Ke were unable to join the team due to various reasons.

The Chinese team took a “family photo” on the 16th, including all four naturalized players – Li Ke, Exon, Fernando, and Jiang Guangtai. However, Li Ke’s condition did not meet the team’s requirements, indicating the high standards set by Ivankovic for the team.

Coach Ivan prefers a 442 formation, with specific tactics for both defense and attack. He values playing players in their natural positions, such as Wu Lei and Zhang Yuning in their respective roles as attackers. The team is focused and ready for the upcoming match against Singapore, with high hopes of securing a victory and advancing in the tournament.

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