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Dakar 2022, the first all-female team: it is the CMR Group Women Dakar Team

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The most famous raid will also have among the participants the CMR Group Women Dakar Team, a team made up entirely of women. At the wheel will be Merce Martì, a successful aviator with some track experiences

For many drivers, the Dakar is the mother of all challenges. Unpredictable and exhausting, it is the first raid of the year that exerts great charm. Merce Martì knows about testing to the limit: the Spanish born in 1968 is a successful aviator, as well as the first female pilot in the world to win the Race Around the World with a general aviation aircraft in the Turbo-Class category in 1994. Now her focus has shifted to the Dakar, which she will take part in with the CMR Group Women Dakar Team, the first all-female formation.


Martì will be the first team leader, but will be able to count on the support of four other women. Alongside her, in the role of co-driver there will be Andorra Margot Llobera. In case of need, here is Jessica Nebra and Iona Hernandez, team mechanics. Nuria Gaja will coordinate the training. The CMR Group Women Dakar Team will compete in the light vehicle category (T3 and T4) with a Can-am prepared by the FN Speed ​​Team. Equipped with a power of 195 hp, this vehicle can reach 138 km / h.


The team has clear ideas about their size within the Dakar. On paper, no classification ambitions, as Martì explains: “The goal is to finish the race”. The Spaniard does not lack experience in sports driving: “I had been racing the Porsche Classic Series for three years after returning from the F1 of airplanes. From there I got hooked. Before the Covid emergency, I had already had the opportunity to participate in the Dakar, but the pandemic has stopped everything. Now that everything is recovering, I told myself to try with a solid project behind it ”. The first step has been taken. Now all that remains is to complete the work by finishing the Dakar.

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