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De Boeck convinced of his right in Propere Handen: “I am innocent, I want to have my say at the trial”

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On the sidelines of the major interview with Glen De Boeck, the 52-year-old trainer of KV Kortrijk spoke about his inclusion in the 57 accused in the Clean Hands case.

“I have already had a proposal to buy it off several times,” he says. “There are already 35 of the 57 accused who have bought off their trial. But I refuse that. I don’t have the heart to do that. I still want to see myself in the mirror because I have done nothing wrong. A very small piece of paper with my name on it. I was actually only added to that list on the last day before the file was closed. Only then did I go to the investigating judge in Hasselt. But it’s nothing against me. I haven’t done anything wrong either. It’s about the Milos Maric file. That concerns a contract via the Balkans, at the time with Waasland-Beveren.”

Milos Maric, the player around whom the discussion with Dejan Veljkovic started. — © BELGA

De Boeck refers to an incident with Dejan Veljkovic, the regrettable in the Clean Hands operation who condemned many of those involved to the gallows.

“They assume that Dejan Veljkovic is telling the truth but his goal was to get me there. I never got any money. Never! The only thing I ever did was bring in Maric at Beveren and I spoke to Veljkovic about that. No more. The problem was that Maric, who kicked the free kicks and corner kicks, didn’t like me anymore at a certain point. I had a better one to do that. Maric had a hard kick, but less so for free kicks and corner kicks. So I took the other one. But that was bad for Maric’s statistics. And so the feud with Veljkovic began. He also thwarted me later and this was part of it. I want that process, I want to have my say.”

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Regretful officer Dejan Veljkovic tried to talk Glen De Boeck to the gallows. — © BELGAIMAGE

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