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“Defense and mentality to restart the Banco”

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Piero Bucchi’s first day of work as Dinamo head coach «A call I’ve been waiting for for some time. With me a few words and a lot of work “

SASSARI. Defense, compactness, smile, victories, certainties. Many elements to be found and a single recipe: work. On his first day of work as a coach of Dinamo Banco di Sardegna, Piero Bucchi puts his priorities in line and begins to show the way to go.

Before even meeting the team, the Bolognese coach was introduced yesterday morning in the club house. Flanked by the president Stefano Sardara, Bucchi has confirmed himself as a person of few words and, as his career shows, many facts.

«I confess that that of Dinamo was a call that I have been waiting for for a long time – said the new biancoblù coach -. Sassari has long been an important place in our basketball and is also recognized internationally, so the sense of responsibility it invokes is also very high. When the president called me he was very pleased, I am really very happy to be here. It is with great enthusiasm and great desire that I approach this new path, hoping to give the club and the fans, who I know to be very competitive and demanding, the satisfactions they deserve ».

Beyond the usual presentations, Bucchi is now called to relieve a situation that has worsened in recent weeks, up to the exoneration of Demis Cavina. In addition to the results, the slightly gloomy Dinamo of recent times also needs to recover morale. «Finding a smile again is a fundamental starting point – confirms Bucchi -, at the base of everything there must be the joy of training and playing. It’s clear that when you win it’s easier, but luckily the coaches and players are really passionate about this job. I started training in the parish at 18 and the passion is always the same. My first words to the team? They are all smart and smart guys, right now words don’t count, I expect a right reaction and great motivations. There is a path of victories to be resumed. My words will always be few ».

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What basketball does Dinamo need to restart? «We have to try to improve starting from the defense, I will have three days of work before the debut, I still have confidence because I know who to deal with, a large part of the team is made up of players I already know. Of course we have to start with the defense and then work to build a mentality at the group level ».

Then a clarification related to the upcoming commitments of the national team of Meo Sacchetti, of which Bucchi is the first assistant. «I spoke with Petrucci and with Meo, they understood that at this moment it is essential that I devote my energies to Sassari, so in this window I will not go with the national team. They were very understanding, obviously for the future we see. Now I have to think about Dinamo ».


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