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Dembele asked for a 240 million euro contract, Barcelona was angry!Withdrawal of offer + blocked_EUR_demand_Romero

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Original title: Dembele asked for a 240 million euro contract, Barcelona was angry!withdraw offer + block

In this season, Dembele has scored 1 goal and 2 assists so far, and his performance can only be said to be quite mediocre. But at the negotiating table, Dembele seems to regard himself as a supergiant. According to reports from Barcelona and team reporter Romero, Dembele asked Barcelona for a five-year super contract totaling 240 million euros. Dembele’s move made Barcelona’s executives extremely angry. Barcelona has now withdrawn the contract renewal offer and notified the French that he has been blocked.

After the Christmas break, Dembele had a two-hour talk with Xavi, saying he wanted to continue playing for Barcelona. Barcelona fully thought that Dembele would cut his salary to stay in the team, but Dembele made a completely unreasonable salary request. Dembele asked to sign a five-year contract with an annual salary of up to 40 million euros before tax. Dembele also asked for a signing fee of 20 million euros, and his agent also asked for a commission of 20 million euros. Pay 240 million euros for 5 years for a glass man like Dembele? Laporta would definitely not make such an unwise decision.

Romero pointed out that Barcelona’s top management has responded quickly to Dembele’s unreasonable demands. Barcelona withdrew their offer to extend Dembele’s contract and informed the Frenchman that he had been banned. With less than six months left on Dembele’s contract with Barcelona, ​​Barcelona will not give him another chance to play.

Today, Dembele has only two paths in front of him. One is to leave Barcelona during the winter transfer period. But the next family needs to pay the transfer fee for him, which means that Dembele will not be able to get a relatively high salary, which is completely inconsistent with his ideas. The second is to sit in the stands for half a year in Barcelona, ​​and then leave the team freely this summer, and therefore ask suitors for high-priced contracts. In terms of Dembele’s professionalism, he is likely to make the second choice. This will cause Barcelona not only to not collect any transfer fees from him, but also to support him for half a year in vain.Return to Sohu, see more

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