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Doha’s daytime temperature exceeds 40°C in recent days, the national football training may not be able to turn on the air conditioner

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Original title: Doha’s daytime temperature exceeded 40 °C in recent days, the national football training may not be able to turn on the air-conditioning

The Chinese team plans to leave Shanghai on a Qatar Airways charter flight in the early morning of August 26th, Beijing time, and fly to Doha, Qatar, to participate in the first two rounds of the Qatar World Preliminary Asian Top 12 tournament to be held there. For the Chinese team, in addition to active preparations, epidemic prevention and heatstroke prevention are also important tasks for the team’s western expedition. Judging from the current situation, there is a high probability that the Chinese team will enter the local Marriott Hotel after arriving in Doha. As for how the training time is arranged, the team will decide whether the training venue has air-conditioning equipment.

The Chinese team is still training in Shanghai in recent days, preparing for the top 12. The Chinese Football Association working group is also stepping up the implementation of the national football top 12 matches on and off the stadium. At present, all members of the Chinese men’s football delegation have received the schedule information for the flight from Shanghai to Doha in the early morning of the 26th Beijing time.

Although affected by the epidemic, the Chinese Football Association cannot arrange for someone to go to Doha to inspect the hotel, training and competition venues in advance, but through advanced modern communication means, the security team has learned more about the local training, competition and reception conditions in more detail. The Qatar Football Association has recently introduced to the Australian Football Association and the Chinese Football Association two alternative hotel locations for the team during their stay in Doha, namely the Ritz-Carlton Hotel and the Marriott Hotel.

Since the AFC and the Qatar Football Association did not promise to arrange separate hotels for the teams going to Doha to participate in the top 12 matches, the Chinese Football Association is also very cautious in selecting hotels for the national football team in consideration of the need for epidemic prevention. It is reported that the Australian team will most likely select the Ritz-Carlton Hotel as the team’s resident hotel, while the Chinese team will most likely select the Marriott Hotel.

So, after the Chinese team enters the resident hotel in Doha, will the hotel receive other tourists at the same time? There is no definitive statement from the parties. Also from the perspective of epidemic prevention, the Chinese Football Association certainly hopes that the national football delegation can “live alone” in a hotel. Of course, in accordance with the Qatar Football Association’s epidemic prevention requirements sent to the Association last week, after the teams arrive in Doha and depart after the game, the entire process will be in a “bubble” epidemic prevention loop.

In addition to epidemic prevention, heatstroke prevention is also an important task for the Chinese team after arriving in Doha. The data shows that the outdoor temperature in Doha during the day is more than 40 degrees Celsius recently, and the surface temperature is even higher.

Although the first round of the National Football Tournament against Australia and the second round against Japan in the top 12 matches are arranged in the air-conditioned Khalifa International Stadium, it is precisely because of the high cost of using air-conditioned stadiums that the Qatar Football Association has Whether it is possible to agree to the daily training of the participating teams in the air-conditioned stadium is still in doubt.

It is worth noting that the AFC and the Qatar Football Association initially arranged for the Chinese and Australian teams to start daily outdoor training at 4pm local time. If the training is arranged in an air-conditioned stadium, it will be a torment for any team. If this is the case, then the Chinese team does not rule out the possibility of mediating with relevant local parties to extend the training time to the evening of the training day.

As of the afternoon of the 23rd, Beijing time, the AFC and the Qatar Football Association have not officially confirmed the specific kick-off time for the Australian team and the Chinese team on September 2. However, judging from the above arrangement, it is more likely that the game will be scheduled to kick-off at around 4 pm local time.

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