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Dortmund Halland of the Walking Dead is only a matter of time before leaving

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Original title: Dortmund Halland of The Walking Dead is only a matter of time before leaving

Dortmund, who has no passion and desire, is Dortmund who is walking dead in Berlin this morning.

Many people say that Dortmund has never lost the chain in the matter of losing the chain. After the “Hornet” lost 2 to 3 away to Hertha Berlin, the gap between the Bundesliga points and Bayern’s Bundesliga this season has been reduced to 9 points. Dortmund this season Often habitually pull across, even Bayern famous player Mateus said: “Bayern will never let the championship slip away. So not only can Bayern be happy Christmas, but also congratulate them for winning the championship in advance.”

Of course, if Dortmund continues to lose habitually, then Bayern will only be a matter of winning a few rounds early. In this game against Hertha Berlin, Dortmund made a mistake in the backcourt and Pekkarik made a low pass from the right to the penalty area. Maulida broke in and broke, and then Var intervened in offside to break the goal first. The offside kick has already sounded the alarm for Dortmund, but their Brandt’s goal seemed to cover up the problem for Dortmund, and they took the lead in the first half.

In the second half, Hertha Berlin set off an offensive storm. In less than ten minutes, they had surpassed Dortmund 2-1. Berlin countered Belfortil on the left from the center circle to get rid of Witsel dribbling to the penalty area. Angle kick into goal. In the first half, Brandt, who scored for Dortmund, made a mistake in clearing the field, and Maulida scored to Richter on the right, who took the ball from outside the penalty area and shot World Wave. Then it was Brandt’s error. Ascival picked a pass from Maurida to volley in the penalty area and was saved by the goalkeeper. Then Richter followed up and scored. Hertha Berlin sprinkled salt on Dortmund’s wound, and Teggs’ header was just a consolation goal for Dortmund.

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2 to 3, Dortmund has a lot of problems. First, Witsel can’t play the central defender at all. Brandt’s two mistakes ruined the good game. The team is lazy and lacks energy. The tactics are also chaotic. Let’s take a look. The leading star of the team, Harland, walks on the court without running or forcing. Matteus said: “This is not Harland. He played completely without passion today. In the past, Harland would show his provocation. The mood changed with being provoked, but his performance today, I have never seen him in this state before.” Harland was unhappy playing in Dortmund.

The first half of the Bundesliga is coming to an end, and the winter break is about to enter. Dortmund’s matches this year are all over, and Haaland’s personal numbers this year. 53 games, 50 goals, 19 assists, and a period of injury. This data is still terrifying. If matched with a top midfielder, Haaland can take off, but not in Dortmund. If Dortmund makes him unable to get the honor , Then it is only a matter of time before Harland leaves Dortmund.Return to Sohu to see more


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