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Draghi towards resignation: what happens now. Two ways to Mattarella – Politics

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Draghi towards resignation: what happens now.  Two ways to Mattarella – Politics

Rome, 20 September 2022 – Mario Draghi towards resignation to the President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella. The political path of the government led by the former president of the European Central Bank is starting towards the end after the very long day at Senateclosed with vote of confidence who approved his communications. The debate in the classroom at the Camera with the premier present. A reply to Draghi’s new communications would be expected around 11, while from 13.45 he calls her for the vote of confidence, with the result expected to be around 15. It is very likely, however, that Draghi’s presence in the Chamber at 9 will be only formal: the time needed to announce the decision to resign, before going to the Quirinale.

The political game, however, is already in the hands of Mattarella. There are two possible scenarios. The head of state could accept the premier’s resignation and open the consultations to understand if the possibilities exist to form a new executive with the current parliamentary forces. This solution seems difficult, however, given that the Quirinale has always maintained that the Draghi government would be the last of this legislature. The second scenariothe decidedly more probable one, is the one that sees Mattarella accept the resignation of Draghi and, after meeting the presidents of the Senate and the House as required by the Constitution, dissolve the Chambersthus opening the doors to early elections. On which date? Possible on October 2nd. In fact, a maximum of 70 days must pass from the day of dissolution. Difficult as the date of 25 September, when the Jewish holiday of Rosh Hashanà: only once in republican history has it been voted to coincide with religious holidays.

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Draghi in the Senate: the summary of the day

The very long day of Mario Draghi al Senate began shortly after 9.45, when the premier he presented himself in the courtroom at Palazzo Madama and began his speech. An intervention that lasted over half an hour, with very hard passages against the political forces of the majority. Precise clarifications, pointed attacks against not only the Five Stars movementbut also of Lega and the center-right of the government. Then the final appeal: “Italy needs a new concrete and sincere development pact. Are you leaving, are you ready to rebuild this pact?”.

We arrive at the discussion in the Chamber, with all political attention shifted to the top of the center right at Villa Grande, the Roman residence of Silvio Berlusconi. The Lega from Matteo Salvinistruck by the criticisms of Draghi, she dissociates herself from the majority with the intervention of the group leader Maximilian Romeo: “We need to rebuild a new pact. We are here, but with a new majority” and a new government without the M5Srod a note from the center-right of the government.

Then comes the time for resolutions. There is that of Calderoli della Lega, but above all there is the resolution of Pier Ferdinando Casini which asks that the Draghi government go ahead and carry out its work to the end. The replica of Draghi to all political interventions in the Senate it is very brief and has a very clear concept: “I ask that confidence be placed on the resolution of Senator Casini”. The center-right government decides not to vote on the Casini resolution: the will of the League, but also that of Forza Italia, is clear: the experience with this government ended definitively on the references and reprimands present in the premier’s speech. The feeling of pacification between the various souls of the executive has cracked. Lega e Come on Italy do not participate in the vote of confidence, while the 5 Star Movement he does not leave the Chamber, but decides to attend, but not to vote. Game over.

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