Home Sports Edimes cues the first in the final sprint the wrong free throws are decisive

Edimes cues the first in the final sprint the wrong free throws are decisive

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Edimes cues the first in the final sprint the wrong free throws are decisive

Ragni and Barbieri push the Sanmaurense from the beginning Sedriano does not skid and proves more cynical. Cats mvp


In the first official match of the season the Edimes Sanmaurense, deprived for the occasion of Infanti and Galik, fails to overcome a cynical Sedriano (61-63 the final score) in front of its audience in a hard-fought challenge until the final siren. Edimes remains ahead in the first two quarters (35-32 at 20 ‘), then Ardens takes courage and in the final punishes the various errors from the line of coach Fossati’s boys with the usual Gatti, mvp of the match with his 21 points. For the hosts, however, 13 from Ragni and 11 from Barbieri are not enough.

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Edimes starts off strong with a 7-0 by Maghet, Bruciamonti and Barbieri, while the guests are released only after 3 ‘of play with Chiesa (7-2). Sedriano partially returns with Gatti’s baskets (7 in a row), but the reds and whites fight on all the balls and with an inspired Barbieri they lengthen again (15-9 at 8 ‘). In the last two minutes of the initial quarter, coach Mei’s team gets closer up to -2 with another pearl from Gatti (17-15 at 10 ‘).

The two teams face each other openly and keeping the hosts ahead in the second quarter is an active Ragni, author of 8 consecutive points (25-22 at 15 ‘). Barbieri punishes the area proposed by Sedriano from beyond the arc, Bruciamonti and Gavoni follow him, even if the guests respond blow for blow and at 20 ‘it is 35-32 inside.

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Upon returning from the long break, Edimes still clings to Ragni, but Cogliati first (7 points) and Gatti then sign the overtaking guest (39-42 at 24 ‘). Viero immediately settles the score. The match remains in the balance and at the end of the third period Ardens goes on again with Bandera (49-51).

The tension begins to be felt and the errors increase: to mix the cards is a penetration of Pagetti (55-54 at 35 ‘). Edimes misses a few free frees too many and Sedriano punishes her by coming back (59-61) two minutes from the siren. Gatti still hits the target, Pagetti replies, but the Sanmaurense misses the victory shot with Maghet and the guests can celebrate. –

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