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Eintracht Frankfurt elects new president

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Eintracht Frankfurt elects new president

The change of power is complete. Eintracht Frankfurt has a new president: As expected, Mathias Beck was elected by the members to head the club. The entrepreneur from Dreieich received clear approval at the meeting in the Jahrhunderthalle, which was attended by 1,867 participants entitled to vote. There were only five votes against and eleven abstentions. Beck, previously vice president, succeeds Peter Fischer, who headed the Eintracht committees for the past 24 years. With the “perfect successor,” Fischer said, “a dream candidate” had been found who “has all the prerequisites to become as good a president as I am – and a better one.” He is leaving the club in “good hands”. Beck, who will celebrate his 53rd birthday on Rose Monday, is a “Eintrachter through and through”. Fischer said Beck “more than deserved” the “convincing vote.” The new president spoke of “the greatest day of my life.” Eintracht, Beck said, was his “love”.

Fischer shortened his eighth term in office, which would have run until 2026, on his own initiative by announcing last May that he wanted to withdraw from the front row. This was preceded by drug investigations by the Frankfurt public prosecutor’s office, which were discontinued. He justified his withdrawal with consideration for his health and the intention to take “more care of the family”. But he also said: “You never go completely.” Fischer will remain with Eintracht as honorary president with representative tasks. The Board of Directors’ proposal received unanimous approval. Previously, Fischer’s last “Report from the Presidium” had been concluded with sustained applause after the audience had cheered him as he entered the hall.

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Not a “08/15 official”

Fischer called the varied years in which he helped determine the fortunes of Eintracht a phase of his life that changed him as a person: “I was certainly anything but a run-of-the-mill official.” He always “wore his heart on his sleeve.” . He “always tried to remain human and be honest.” It was important to him “to stand up for my club and my values. Even if I have been offended or even threatened by the statements I have made.” He went through “deep valleys” with the people who unite under the umbrella of unity and who make it special, but also experienced “many highs”.

When Fischer started, Eintracht had around 5,000 members. In the meantime, he also brought this message to the fans with satisfaction, there are now “more than 139,000 members”. He described the ongoing growth as an “incredible success”, which has made Eintracht the “twelfth largest club in the world”. It currently offers more than fifty sports. A padel tennis facility will soon be added in Sindlingen and the renovation of the buildings of the acquired SG Nied is developing into a gem. Eintracht is now one of the most diverse sports providers in Germany. Fischer said he was “proud” of how the club presented itself today. The vision of “growing from breadth to top” has become reality.

Unity, Fischer emphasized, is more than “the mere organization of sport. And sport is never apolitical, especially not in these times.” When Fischer emphasized that there is “no place for discrimination, racism and anti-Semitism” at Eintracht, his speech was interrupted by applause and the members demonstratively rose from their seats to express their agreement. Fischer called out to Alon Meyer, who sat in the plenary session as president of the Jewish sports association Makkabi Germany and a member of Eintracht, that “this is a signal of what this club stands for.”

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A comment from Peter Heß Published/Updated: Recommendations: 2 Jörg Daniels Published/Updated: Recommendations: 6 Peter Heß, Frankfurt Published/Updated: Recommendations: 4

He, who first took a position against the Alternative for Germany in an interview with the FAZ in December 2017, emphasized on this occasion, which was obviously particularly moving for him, that Eintracht is characterized by “diversity”: “We are a colorful club!” For this It is important to continue to be strong and “to protect our values ​​in the future,” said the 67-year-old. “We must clearly and unambiguously oppose any form of right-wing radicalism.” Fischer made it clear that he would be there in a new role with his well-known commitment.

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