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[European League]Italy beat Belgium 2-1 to win third place

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UEFA Europa League third and fourth place finals

Italy 2-1 Belgium

46′ Varela, 65′ Berardi (penalty kick) / 86′ Decatur

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In the third and fourth place in the UEFA Europa League finals, Italy defeated Belgium 2-1 and won the third place. In the first half, Italy made many threats. In the second half, Barrera volleyed and scored. Italy led by one goal. In the 65th minute, Federico Chiesa made a point, Berardi made a penalty and Italy extended its lead to 2 goals. Before the end, De Bruyne sent an assist, Diktrare scored and scored a goal for Belgium.

In the 7th minute, Bashuayi turned around and shot, and the ball was slightly higher than the crossbar.

ita bel 2.gif

In the 18th minute, Berardi shot long and was saved by Courtois.

ita bel 3.gif

In the 20th minute, Federico Chiesa sent a through stop, Las Padori hit the goal and was blocked from the bottom line.

ita bel 4.gif

In the 25th minute, Bashuayi crossed, and Salmarques’ shot hit the crossbar and popped out.

ita bel 5.gif

In the 45th minute, Federico Chiesa rushed in after taking a long pass, facing Courtois single-handedly, and shot wide of the goal.

ita bel 6.gif

In the 46th minute, Italy got a corner kick. After the ball was taken, it was cleared by a Belgian player. Barrera volleyed the goal and Italy led 1-0.

ita bel 7.gif

In the 60th minute, Bashuayi’s shot was ejected by the crossbar.

ita bel 8.gif

ita nice 9.gif

ita nice 10.gif

In the 65th minute, Chiesa was brought down in the penalty area and the referee awarded a penalty kick. Berardi made a penalty and Italy led 2-0.

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ita nice 11.gif

In the 86th minute, Belgium launched a quick counterattack, De Bruyne sent an assist, Diktrare scored, Belgium regained a goal.

Italian lineup: Donnarumma/Di Lorenzo, Archerby, Bastoni, Emerson/Barrera (69′ Varela), Locatelli, L. Pellegrini (70 ‘Jorginho) / Berardi (90′ Bernardeschi), Laspadori (64′ Moise Keene), F. Chiesa (90’ Insigne)

Belgian lineup: Courtois/Alderweirelder, Denayère, Vertonghen/Sallemax (58’Dektrare), Witsel, Thielemann (58’D Braunnet), Castagne/Van Aken, Bashuayi, Carrasco (86’Trosal)


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