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Europeans, Italy-Belgium: the ‘resurrection’ of Immobile unleashes social media and infuriates the British

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Ciro is accused of simulation for the fall in the area before jumping to his feet and cheering with his teammates at Barella’s goal arrived on the continuation of the action. Shearer: “Pathetic and embarrassing”

“Great performance from Italy, especially if we consider that during the match almost all of its players suffered injuries that put their lives at risk”. The irony of the web and the sarcasm about some dives and some slightly blatant falls attributed to the Azzurri. It is certainly not the trademark of Mancini’s team, and in any case it is part of the game.

Here then is that the fall of Immobile in the area just before Barella’s goal, which was followed by a sudden “resurrection” as soon as the ball crossed the goal line, sparked several comments. Also from the American TV Espn, which included Ciro in its Friday column “The Phantom of the Opera”, a mix of the best simulations of the week, of which NBA basketball is also very rich.


The British are particularly sensitive to drama. One of the first to criticize Immobile was former striker Alan Shearer: “I don’t even want to laugh at it because it was pathetic. You can see how he glances at the referee even before realizing what happened. Pathetic and embarrassing, that’s what it is “. The treatment reserved to Ciro by Gary Lineker, who runs the BBC TV studio, and notoriously not exactly an admirer of the Azzurri, is identical. Salacious comments and giggles from the guests, as if to say, “the usual Italians”. Maybe they already feel the pressure of a possible final against us. British TV increased the dose this morning in the “BBC Breakfast” show, showing the video of the action and commenting on it scandalized.

Meanwhile, on the web there are already those who have nicknamed him the “King of memes” given his expressions before and after the foul and the subsequent goal of Barella. They had seen Lapadula’s show – arm across his chest, hands to his face as if he had been punched by Tyson – which resulted in the unjust expulsion of the Paraguayan captain, Gustavo Gomez, in the quarter-final of the America’s Cup then won by Peru at the penalties, who knows what they would have said.

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