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Fans are successful in their protest

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Fans are successful in their protest

The bosses of the German Football League say: There will be no investor for the time being. (picture alliance / dpa / David Inderlied)

Investor means: A company or person gives a lot of money. In return, the investor is allowed to have a say in some things. The fans said: We are afraid that an investor will change football. Because for investors the only important thing is: We want to make a lot of money.

The clubs in the German Football League voted in December. A majority has decided: We want an investor. Because that means we get more money. The fans in the football stadiums have repeatedly protested against this. They held up posters. They also threw things onto the playing field – for example tennis balls. That’s why many football games were interrupted. Some clubs have now said: We no longer want an investor.

Now the bosses of the German Football League have said: Things cannot continue like this. They have decided: We listen to the fans. That’s why there won’t be any investors for the time being.

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