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Argylle, film review in Mondo Sonoro (2024)

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Argylle, film review in Mondo Sonoro (2024)

One of the most boring things spy movies have offered in a long time. Yes, okay, “For Argy” It is a parody of the genre, it takes several of its clichés and laughs at them, but, beyond three jokes about cats, it is neither funny nor fresh. It’s not that he stays halfway in everything, but that he doesn’t even start.

The fault does not lie with the talented people who have participated. Behind this film is Matthew Vaugn, who, on his list of successes, has the first two X-Men prequels“Kick-Ass” and the forgotten, but incredible“Stardust”. The cast is good, especially with Sam Rockwell, Samuel L. Jackson and Bryan Carston. There are even some scenes that are visually impressive. What’s wrong? Honestly, the whole script. Pretends to play at doing plot twists constants, in that mockery of the genre, but they are so many and so unrevealing, that you find yourself with a dull string of explanations that takes up two thirds of the footage. As if they were filling in time.

The worst thing is that, on more than one occasion, I had the impression that I was not living the script; On the contrary, they were telling me and the biggest trip a film can cause itself is to show and rejoice in its own seams. I think that, for a story to work, you have to completely enter the fiction, make it yours, engage in a dialogue. And a dialogue is two-way. If it feels like a monologue, if the fiction itself constantly draws you out, the narrative artifice evaporates and all that remains is a flat image. The three-dimensionality of the screen disappears.

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Therefore, it is difficult to give much thought to “For Argy”, even in its unsubtle attempts to empower the protagonist intellectually and physically. A shame because, with a little more care and intention, she would have raised her head.

There is one scene in particular that I think represents everything that is wrong with the movie, it is when Samuel L. Jackson applauds while watching a basketball game. I believe that you cannot have so much talent doing so little.

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