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Firepower is horrible!Bayern scores only 1 goal in 2021 league record

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Original title: Firepower is horrible!Bayern’s 2021 league goal breaks Bundesliga record with only 1 goal

With 28 shots from the audience, Bayern defeated Freiburg 2-1 in the 11th round of the Bundesliga tonight, giving this dark polo team its first defeat of the season. Bayern also scored 11 28 points in the round led the Bundesliga strongly.

In this game, Bayern Gretzka and Lewandre scored a goal each in the second half, and finally beat their opponents 2-1. Counting today’s 2 goals, Bayern’s league goals in 2021 have reached terror. This is only one goal away from Cologne’s historical record of the Bundesliga in 1977. Considering that it is only the beginning of November, it is not difficult for Bayern to break this record in 2021.

Bayern’s continued performance is also reflected in the team’s many core performances. In this game, Polish striker Lewand started regular operations. After receiving an assist from Sane in the second half, he scored an empty goal and scored 13 goals after 11 rounds of the season. Strongly lead the Bundesliga.

At the same time, Lewandre also rounded up a whole number. As of now, his total number of goals in 2021 has exceeded the 60 goal mark, and his state is extremely good.

In addition to Lewand’s frontcourt, Bayern’s other bright spot was the goalkeeper. Bayern’s goalkeeper Neuer continued his “forward operation”. In a defense in the 74th minute, he ran directly to the middle circle. The position was completed and the position was even higher than Upamecano. Neuer once again made the audience smile with his sorrow operation.

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Whether it is the overall performance of the data or the state of a single player, the current Bayern has shown a very strong side, it can be described as unstoppable!Return to Sohu to see more


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