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Fvg in yellow, only 2,500 in Friuli Skip the super takings against Milan

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The probable and imminent return to the yellow zone of our region, following the pace of Covid, will also have repercussions on the Udinese fans. The change in color, in fact, involves a change in the rules also in terms of capacity in the stadiums, with a passage from the current maximum capacity of 75% to 50%, but with a maximum expected limit of only 2,500 spectators for the events at the open and 1,000 indoors. “The activities must be carried out in compliance with the guidelines adopted by the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, Department for Sport, after consulting the Italian Sports Medical Federation, on the basis of criteria defined by the CTS”, states the legislation and Udinese is obviously ready to stick to the rules, but as of now we can say that for the club and the Zebretta fans it is a deadly counter-attack.

The “restart” of Covid, in fact, comes exactly one day after the end of the extension of the season ticket campaign – scheduled for tomorrow – which, albeit in the absence of official data, has exceeded over six thousand cards, and also comes close to the next home matches, the one on Sunday 28 November, at lunchtime with Genoa, and above all the one with Milan, who will be a guest at Friuli on Saturday 11 December, at 8.45pm. It is logical that before doing the math it will be necessary to wait for the evolution of the epidemiological curve and the measures, but it is easy to assume that at 75% of the current capacity, Friuli would not only have presented a large capacity, but also a respectable collection. Easy image, in fact, a remake of what happened in the first season with Juventus, when the 9,660 paying players earned 692,377 euros. The record of spectators in the white zone, on the other hand, is linked to the 11,484 of the match played against Napoli on 20 September. –

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