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Gas, the EU agreement on the price roof skips. Supplies in Italy and what winter will be like

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Gas, the EU agreement on the price roof skips.  Supplies in Italy and what winter will be like

Rome, 24 June 2022 – Putin ha cut by 50% the supply of gas to Italy and together raised the price for that same percentage. But the premier Mario Draghi from Brussels looks to the future with optimism. “Dependence on Russian gas dropped from 40% to 25% “, premieres the Prime Minister. And reassures: there will be no emergency, this winter. Because that’s exactly what everyone fears. Between cuts and increases, our country has sought other suppliers.

Gas supplies in Italy today, what are the numbers?

How much gas is importing our country? The site Snam in the middle of the afternoon he makes this prediction. At the end of the day today, June 24, the total gas placed on the network will exceed i 210 million cubic meters (201 imported, 9 million of national production), against a daily demand that slightly exceeds 150 million.

How much gas was stored?

Natural gas storage doubles thanks to Snam’s contribution following the Mite decree which yesterday called for greater commitment from operators. The injections scheduled for today are equal to 62.7 million of cubic meters, more than double compared to almost 30 on the eve. The company that manages the transport network, which was activated within 24 hours after the publication of the decree, took the lion’s share. The current fill level, according to the GIE website, is 55.6%. Injections by Snam will continue in the next few days, with 56 million cubic meters expected for tomorrow.

Price cap, what is it and why did Holland say no?

Meanwhile, the extraordinary advice on the European gas price ceiling (price cap) that the premier had proposed. Italy together with others – from Spain at the France at the Greecea real Mediterranean front – he wanted to discuss it immediately, in July. Instead, everything is postponed to October. To weigh the obstruction of the northern countries, led by Holland.

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What does Holland ask for?

“The price cap – reiterated the Dutch premier Mark Rutta, leader of the so-called ‘frugal’ – has been on the table since March. We are now collectively evaluating the pros and cons. I am still not convinced and I am not ideologically opposed. So if anyone, Mario Draghi or others, can tell me: here is the evidence that proves that works, then I’m in favor, but all the evidence I’ve seen so far says it might not work. “

In short, for now the victory is halfway through. Draghi’s analysis: “The main obstacle to adopting an EU gas price cap is the “fear” that Russia will cut gas supplies to Europe, but it is clearly seen that Moscow is reducing methane deliveries to “roughly the same figures”, thanks to the bullish effect on prices of any new announcement of delivery cuts.

Gas, more than 210 million cubic meters injected into the network today

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