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Half-time report-Kante scored twice Davidson scored three towns 1-2 Cangzhou_Lions_Jose_Deng Hanwen

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Half-time report-Kante scored twice Davidson scored three towns 1-2 Cangzhou_Lions_Jose_Deng Hanwen

Original title: Half-time report-Kante scored twice, Davidson scored three towns 1-2 Cangzhou

At 19:30 on the evening of September 24th, in the 17th round of the Chinese Super League, the three towns of Wuhan played against the Cangzhou Lions. In the first half, Jose Kanter scored a goal to break the deadlock for the Cangzhou Lions. Deng Hanwen then made a Davidson hit. Jose Kanter then made another victory. In the first half, the three towns trailed Wuhan three towns 1-2.

After the 17 rounds of the Chinese Super League, Wuhan Sanzhen remained unbeaten with 15 wins and 2 draws, leading the standings with 47 points. The Cangzhou Lions ranked 15th with 12 points and 2 wins, 6 draws and 8 losses (one game less). The Lions have gone 5 straight games without a win.

In the 15th minute, Yang Yiming made an oblique long pass to the penalty area, and Wu Fei attacked and confiscated the ball. In the 17th minute, the Cangzhou Lions corner kicked into the penalty area, and Cao Haiqing’s shot was blocked. In the 18th minute, the Cangzhou Lions took the lead in breaking the deadlock. Owusu pressed the opponent on the left side of the penalty area and stabbed the ball into the middle. Jose Kante got the ball to avoid the defense and scored with his right foot in the middle. The Cangzhou Lions 1-0 Wuhan Three towns. Jose Kante scored his first goal in the Super League. Afterwards, the high quasi wing cut the ball inside and shot a long shot, and Shao Ruiliang turned to save the ball.

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In the 29th minute, Davidson broke into the penalty area from the left and was sent to the middle. Deng Hanwen inserted a volley to hit high. In the 32nd minute, Wuhan Sanzhen continued to attack, Zhang Hui took it to the top of the arc outside the penalty area, and the long shot with his left foot was confiscated by Shao Ruiliang. In the 34th minute, Deng Hanwen hit Cao Haiqing’s arm like a pass from the right, and the referee awarded a penalty kick. Davidson took the penalty overnight, and Wuhan Sanzhen 1-1 Cangzhou Lions. In the 38th minute, the Cangzhou Lions took the lead again. Oscar entered the penalty area on the left side of the frontcourt and crossed Yin Yaji with his left foot to the goal. Jose Kante easily pushed the goal directly to the goalkeeper, and the Cangzhou Lions scored 2-1. Three towns in Wuhan.

Wuhan three towns starters: 1-Wu Fei, 4-Yin Yaji, 20-High Zhunyi, 23-Ren Hang, 25-Deng Hanwen, 12-Zhang Xiaobin, 21-He Chao, 31-Rosenwen, 37-Xu Haoyang (U23), 40 – Zhang Hui (U23), 11-Davidson

Substitutes for Wuhan Three Towns: 34-Wang Xiaofeng (U23), 35-Yusupu Aili-Wahap (U23), 2-Xiong Fei, 16-Yang Kuo, 19-Zhang Wentao, 32-Lu Haidong, 36-Xiao Kaitijiang- Taier (U23), 8-Deng Zhuoxiang, 10-Sang Yifei, 33-Commander He (U23), 6-Duan Yunzi, 17-Qucheng

Cangzhou Lions starting: 14- Shao Ruiliang, 3-Cao Haiqing, 6-Yang Yun, 17-Piao Shihao, 18-Li Hong, 23-Yang Yiming, 8-Lin Chuangyi, 40-Zhukov, 10-Oscar, 44-Dibis-Ao Wusu, 45-Jose-Kante

Cangzhou Lions Substitutes: 29-Han Feng, 13-Su Zu, 21-Jiang Zhe, 22-Guo Hao, 28-Yang Xiaotian, 30-Liu Yang, 7-Zang Yifeng, 12-Luo Jing, 35-Wang Peng, 15-Sa Beati-Abudusalamu, 20-Liu Xinyu, 24-He Youzu

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