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“I hope the fans arrive. 50% must enter Palaverde”

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“Let’s say that this year we have an identity card that is also valid for foreign countries”.

The very president Paolo Vazzoler celebrates the tenth anniversary of a club born in 2012, making it clear that the Champions League will be the real leap in quality this year. ‘Who would have thought that after 1o years we would be in Europe? It is another step towards maturity »he continues,« and, mind you, this year there has not been a simple change of logo, it is also a matter of merchandising. If we are still here I must say thanks to Fabio De ‘Longhi, the renewal has never been automatic. Unfortunately, as you know, there is still uncertainty about the future: without the fans it was an incredible season, now let’s see if they will give us this 50%. We made it clear that basketball is not comparable to other indoor sports, it has different odds, comparing ourselves with football is inconsistent. And we miss the confrontation with the government (yesterday I met Vezzali-Petrucci ed): I hope they can decide soon enough but we want to continue to think positively ».

Let’s talk about the prospects of this new Nutribullet.

«Last year he never gave up, not even under 20, he told the players that he deserves this shirt. The first month of work will be as important as playing the Champions bubble at Palaverde, certainly not for the takings, but for the advantage it will give to the team. I like to say that just after we finished sixth in the league, the Board wrote to us saying it would be happy if we put forward the nomination to host the preliminaries. As for the opponents, it is still too early to understand: last year on paper there were a couple that should have flown, then we saw ».

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What season will it be?

« It will be a really tough year but we know we haven’t made the most of the pace. And, as coach Minetti says, growth will depend on individual improvements. As for me, I say that everything that exists today is a child of the past. And I will resign when I see a player from Treviso come out of the tunnel with the captain’s armband. .. “. –

And. Fo.

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