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“It was the dream season I still have room for growth”

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Volleyball Serie A1F. Bibi Butigan is the latest reconfirmed Imoco Only three new faces in Conegliano: Courtney, Plummer and Frosini

the protagonist

Formally and for all bureaucratic requirements, the volley market has been open since Thursday, but for Imoco it closed yesterday, with the eleventh confirmation of the roster: the Croatian central Bozana “Bibi” Butigan will remain at the court of Daniele Santarelli, his coach also in the red and white national team, which will host part of the next European championship at the end of August. The 21-year-old of Bosnian birth has had several opportunities to show off and confirm her talent: in 20 appearances she scored 99 points of which 24 with the block, her real specialty. «My first goal was to improve and help the team. I was lucky to be called by Conegliano: I knew that I was arriving in one of the best teams in the world and that ambitions were important, but never having lost and having conquered all the trophies available makes this the dream season. I am grateful for the opportunities the coach has given me; I hope, after a year of experience, to be able to give even more ».

In his first experience abroad Butigan has already collected a lot of successes with the Imoco. «If I think that I am champion of Italy and Europe at just 20, I get really excited; for each trophy, with everything I experienced with the team to win it and the emotions I experienced after the victory, I have wonderful memories ». Competition will be increasingly fierce, but the Panthers want to take further steps forward. «The team is really of the highest level and everyone knows what they can give. We are not a group that is satisfied, we always want to grow and in this we push each other. I think I have a lot of room to grow in technique and experience, but I’m lucky, I work with extraordinary coaches and champions ».

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The Imoco is therefore formed by the crushers Plummer (nr 2), Courtney (3), Omoruyi (9) and Sylla (17); the Butigan (4), De Kruijf (5), Folie (7) and Fahr (19) power stations; the free Caravello (1) and De Gennaro (10); the opposites Frosini (12) and Egonu (18); the setters Gennari (13) and Wolosz (14). In the next few days some news are expected in the staff, while today the athletic trainer Marco Da Lozzo and the former player Costanza Manfredini get married in Verona. –


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