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It’s not easy for Barcelona to get back on track early withdrawing from La Liga title | Barcelona | Real Madrid | Round 15

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[EpochTimesNovember292021](Epoch Times reporter Wang Yezhi comprehensive report) November 27-28, the 15th round of the 2021-2022 La Liga season, Real Madrid beat Sevilla 2:1 at home After that, they continued to lead the standings with 33 points; Barcelona defeated Villarreal 3:1 in the away game and achieved their first away victory in the league this season. After Atletico Madrid beat Cadiz 4-1 in this round, they accumulated 29 points and ranked second. At present, Real Madrid and Barcelona each have one round less, and the difference between the two teams has reached 10 points. According to the current trend, the “Red and Blue Legions” have basically withdrawn from the championship competition.

Barcelona get their first away win in La Liga this season

This season, Barcelona’s poor performance, the main reason is that the away record is unbearable. At the Camp Nou at home, Barcelona did not lose to any other player except Real Madrid and Bayern; but on the away game, Barcelona had 3 draws and 2 losses and never won, and they only won one goal in the Champions League.

In the previous 5 league away games this season, Barcelona played against Athletic Bilbao and Cádiz and scored 1:1 and 0:0: They faced strong rivals Atletico Madrid and Vallecano, and suffered two in Madrid. Lost in a row, the score is: 0:2 and 0:1. The most regrettable thing is that at the beginning of this month, Barcelona, ​​with a 3:0 lead in the first half, even lost three consecutive goals in the second half and was tied by Celta Vigo 3:3.

This round, Barcelona will challenge the “submarine” Villarreal in the away game. In the first half, both sides had offense and defense. Barcelona teenagers Abd and Garvey hit the goal frame in succession, while Depay lost a “single shot”. Barcelona veteran Pique took a handball and blocked Dan Juma’s shot, but he was lucky to escape the penalty. This also triggered protests from the home team.

At the beginning of the second half, Frankie De Jong succeeded in a follow-up push and scored the first goal of the season, which also broke the deadlock for Barcelona. In the 77th minute, Dan Zhuma picked a pass, Chu Wuze volleyed in front of the goal and scored to equalize the score for Villarreal 1:1. In the 88th minute, Barcelona goalkeeper Ter Stegen made a long pass from the backcourt directly to the frontcourt. The home team defender Estupinian made a header error in the return pass. Depay steals and passes the “Submarine” goalkeeper Ruli, from a small angle. The push shot succeeded and helped Barcelona surpass the score 2:1.

In stoppage time, Coutinho changed direction continuously on the left side of Villarreal’s penalty area, tripped by the opposing defender, and the referee made a penalty kick. Barcelona’s top penalty shooter Depay graciously gave the penalty opportunity to Coutinho. The Brazilian himself took the penalty and scored the ball. This is the second goal he has scored since returning from a serious injury in September, and it also secured a 3:1 victory for Barcelona.

On November 27, 2021, in the 15th round of the La Liga, Barcelona defeated Villarreal 3-1 away in an away game to make their first away win in the league. The picture shows Barcelona coach Xavi Hernandez (Xavi Hernandez). (Aitor Alcalde/Getty Images)

This season, whether in La Liga or the Champions League, Barcelona’s performance has been difficult to compare with a strong team. In early November, former Barcelona player Xavi Hernandez (Xavi Hernandez) returned as the team’s head coach. The fans hope he can lead Barcelona back on track as soon as possible. Harvey has led the team to play three games so far, with a record of 2 wins and 1 tie, unbeaten. However, the two victories were not smooth, and the fans have been sweating; and the Champions League draw with Benfica at home 0:0, which caused the team to fail to qualify for the group early, and the “Red and Blue” had to die away in the final turn. Fight Bayern.

After this round, Barcelona have played 14 games in the league, accumulating 23 points and ranking seventh. They are 10 points away from the “leader” Real Madrid. It is very difficult to compete for the championship, and it is also more difficult than the fourth place Sevilla. 5 points less. Nowadays, Barcelona fans need to be more realistic. With the current strength of the “Red and Blue Legions”, they belong to the middle and upper reaches of La Liga. If they can strive to enter the top four this season, it should be considered a success.

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