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It’s only Super Cup but the APU defense already makes a difference

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Even the difficult Verona was kept at a low score. And under the basket Walters and Pellegrino make themselves heard

UDINE. It’s only Supercoppa, but it already looks like a championship-sized APU. And never mind if the ace Lacey has yet to land on the table. The success in the Triveneto derby with Verona confirmed the excellent sensations of the previous outings of this pre-season, Udine seems already quite ahead with the work of “sowing”.

The first figure that catches the eye at the end of the match against Verona is number 62 under the heading “points conceded”. The Apu Old Wild West is giving continuity to the defensive intensity that allows it to limit the opponent’s attacks, never before above 70 between friendlies, tournaments and Super Cup. Yet Tezenis, just four days earlier, had scored 95 points. Defensive solidity is the basis on which Boniciolli is building the team that will attack promotion to Serie A, because as an ever-present motto says “attacks sell tickets, defenses win games”.

Another statistic in which Udine has made the big voice is that of rebounds. After having dominated Mantua, here is the encore with Verona: 41 carom against 32.

A very convincing Walters went close to the double double (15 points and 9 rebounds), “Ciccio” Pellegrino played another test of all substance (6 points and 6 rebounds). The applause, however, is not only for the two centers, but must be extended to the whole team: winger and wingers have given their tangible contribution to rebound.

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We travel in the name of continuity also with regard to the offensive maneuver. The ball turns like a pleasure, often extra-passes are chosen to favor an open shot (especially from beyond the arc), and the percentages benefit: 39% from three points and the draw against Verona is served. In case another figure is needed to convince the most skeptical, here are the 14 assists put on the scoresheet by Juventus players.

On Sunday the APU will be on stage in Orzinuovi and will be asked to put the stamp on the pass for the Final Eight in Lignano Sabbiadoro, the first intermediate goal of the season.

In the last two seasons, the bianconeri have always played the en plein in the elimination phase of the Supercoppa, they are hunting for the trio, with one difference: this time they are aiming decisively to win the trophy.

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