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Jankovic: 95% of the national football team comes with ambition and will be dominated by me

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Jankovic: 95% of the national football team comes with ambition and will be dominated by me

Sports Weekly all-media reporter Ma Dexing reports from Auckland, New Zealand

Under the leadership of head coach Jankovic, the new Chinese men’s national football team will play against the New Zealand national team at Smart Hill Stadium in Auckland on March 23 after three weeks of domestic preparations. official debut. On the morning of the 22nd local time, Jankovic attended the pre-match press conference. He said that the team came with great ambitions and wanted to pursue good results.

●Talk about the Sino-Singapore battle

Jankovic first said, “I feel very happy. I had the opportunity to participate in an international competition for the first time after the East Asian Cup last year. Every team member is very excited and motivated. Our opponents are very strong, and all players are in a good position. In the league, they are all in the rhythm of the game. This is a good test for us. Even friendly matches should be treated as official matches. Under the overall goal of the team, we have set special goals for each player. Small tasks and small goals. So the purpose is very clear, we are all here with ambition to play two games, and we want to pursue good results.”

When asked whether he had led the team to New Zealand, how much he knew about the New Zealand team, and what kind of targeted guidance he would give, Jankovic said: “The goals and tasks of each game are very clear. To win. The goal is actually not about the opponent, but more about ourselves. We know all the players in New Zealand, know their information, play style and style, and also know their routines. Of course we will draw up plans based on the above information But when we draw up the battle plan, 95% will be based on me, 5% will be adjusted according to the characteristics of the opponent, no more than this. We know the quality and advantages of New Zealand players, and then carry out targeted First of all, we have to contend with the opponent’s strong physical fitness. On this basis, we can use our characteristics to carry out targeted deployment. Generally speaking, the opponent’s advantages include physical strength, fast Rhythm, New Zealand reporters asked us to match it. For the Chinese team at this stage, such an opponent is exactly the style we need.”

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●Talk about injuries

Affected by various factors, the Chinese team has not assembled the best players, and there are still some injuries in the team after arriving in New Zealand, but Jankovic thinks this is not a problem, “So far the overall situation is good, we We will focus on those players who can play the game. Our advantage is that we have been training together for three weeks. Most of the players are in good physical condition. A few minor injuries and illnesses do not constitute a problem. All the players They are all ready, and substitute players can stand up at any time.”

When asked what he thought of the two warm-up matches in China before the expedition to New Zealand, Jankovic said: “Through the two games, we found some bright spots and some details that need to be corrected. So, when we choose The warm-up match with two domestic clubs is actually a good opportunity for both sides, because having the opportunity to play against a Chinese Super League team is a test for us, and for the opponent, they are in the winter training preparation period. It is also a test. So both sides are very happy to have the opportunity to compete and promote each other. Of course, although both games have won, it is only a friendly match. I hope that the two official games can have excellent performances.”

The current national team is a reorganized team, and some players are called up for the first time. Regarding how to treat the new faces, Jankovic said: “We have already set the standards and rules when we formed the team. , including fighting spirit, hard training, discipline, team spirit, willingness to pay and sacrifice for this team, so whether it is a rookie or a veteran, age does not matter, each of them must follow the requirements, as long as they can do it, no matter Whether he has experience or not, he can play comfortably in this team. At present, there are many experienced players in the national team, and they have played a very important role in connecting the past and introducing new players. Of course, the new The players who join must inject new blood and new vitality into the team. We hope that the old experience and the new blood can produce a chemical reaction. I have no doubts about this. All players want to show their best Status, whether he is a veteran who has been in the team for 10 years or a rookie who has just joined.”

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●Talking about the differences between the National Football Team and the Asian Games

When asked about the difference between leading the team for three weeks after being promoted from the head coach of the Asian Games to the head coach of the national team, Jankovic said with a smile: “It is no different for me. I enjoy this kind of work very much. I am 51 years old and have been a professional coach for 23 years. I have led many clubs and teams. Every team is an opportunity for me, and of course it is also an honor. Today I am sitting here to participate in the press conference, and tomorrow I will lead the team Such a beautiful game is already a pride for me, I am very happy. What’s more, the Asian Games players are in the club and teammates of these national team players. They are no longer young, they are all over 23 years old Yes, they belong to the adult players. Even when they were 19 years old when we first met, I didn’t treat them as children, but as professional players. For me, the more happy thing is that today I have the opportunity to see They are able to be on this platform, have this opportunity to participate in this kind of competition. Some of them have played for the national team, and some of them have played more than 100 games for the club. So for me, the two teams are not the same. No matter what the difference is, they represent the country, and the requirements and goals for the competition are the same. I hope everyone can show good motivation and a big heart.”

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In the first training session on the 21st, Zhu Chenjie of the Asian Games team was transferred to the national team to participate in training. Regarding the transfer of Zhu Chenjie, Jankovic said: “Zhu Chenjie has been a member of the national team for 4 years. He has already played for the national team when he was 19 years old. He is also the captain of the Asian Games team. His flow between the two teams It’s normal, just adjust according to the needs of the team.”

●Talk about the New Zealand team

A reporter from New Zealand said that the captain of the New Zealand team, Chris Wood, also suffered from injuries after returning to the team. His appearance is not clear. When the Chinese team will make targeted deployments, Jankovic said: “You should ask New Zealand. The head coach of the team, this should not be my answer. Such an excellent and capable player, as long as he plays the game, will definitely have an impact on the opponent. But we focus more on ourselves, and it will only have an impact on the opponent. Some targeted deployments, so whether Wood plays or not will only affect the New Zealand team.”

A New Zealand player is about to join Red Star Belgrade. As the former head coach of the Red Star team, Jankovic said: “In Serbia, the Red Star team represents the people and emotions. This New Zealand player should know what joining the Red Star team means.” So, if you go to the Red Star team, you should fully enjoy it, enjoy football and life. Of course, for such a capable player, joining the Red Star team will allow you to go to the Champions League and have the opportunity to express yourself. I hope he can have a good transport.”

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