Home Sports Jeremy Lin only scored 2 points with a poor hand, Gibson led the team with 22 points in the half and climbed out of the big hole.

Jeremy Lin only scored 2 points with a poor hand, Gibson led the team with 22 points in the half and climbed out of the big hole.

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Original title: Jeremy Lin’s poor touch only scored 2 points and Gibson led the team to climb out of the hole with 22 points in the half

On December 30th, Beijing time, the 16th round of the regular season will continue. The match between Guangsha Team and Beijing Shougang Team started at 20 o’clock. After four quarters of fierce battle, the Guangsha team relied on Sun Minghui’s 3 points to win 94-91.

Jeremy Lin didn’t feel good in this game, scoring 2 points, 5 rebounds and 5 assists. Gibson had 24 points, 9 rebounds and 7 assists.

In the second stage, the Guangsha team and the Beijing Shougang team performed very well. The Guangsha team first defeated the Guangdong team; they made a mistake at the last minute of the last round and were beaten by the Shenzhen team. It’s a pity that Guangsha team lost this game. In the referee’s report issued after the game, Zhu Junlong’s defensive foul was deemed a miscarriage. If there was no such misjudgment, the Guangsha team was likely to hold onto the victory.

After the opening of the game, the Guangsha team quickly played a fast pace under the leadership of Sun Minghui, while the Beijing Shougang team, which is good at grounding battles, was taken with the rhythm. The Guangsha team had a perfect 12-2 start in the first 4 minutes. Jeremy Lin made all three shots in the first quarter. The Beijing team only scored 9 points in the first quarter.

The Beijing team was full of loopholes in defense on the outside today, and the Guangsha team hit three-pointers many times. In the middle of the second quarter, Jeremy Lin played again, but the Guangsha team still had the upper hand. Jeremy Lin failed to assist in several passes, nor did he make it in singles. Jeremy Lin grabbed the backcourt, pushed to the frontcourt and passed the ball continuously. Fang Shuo hit his third 3-pointer. In the last attack of the Beijing team in the first half, Jeremy Lin dropped a shot and still didn’t make it. Jeremy Lin didn’t score in the first half, 4 rebounds and 2 assists.

After changing sides, the Beijing team passed the ball continuously, Jeremy Lin slipped the bottom line and scored today’s first goal. After that, Jeremy Lin wanted to play singles a few times, but he was not in good shape today, and the Guangsha team’s defense was very tight. In an attack, Jeremy Lin was blocked by Xu Zhonghao.

Gibson, who performed poorly in the first half, became the hero who led the Beijing team to climb out of the 20-point hole in the second half. Gibson, who scored only 2 points in the first half, scored 22 points in the second half and led the team with assists and rebounds to almost create a miracle of reversal.

In the last quarter, the Beijing team used Gibson for a long time, and then sent the top of the team to play Gibson Fangshuo Liu Xiaoyu’s three-back lineup, which received very good results and surpassed 1 point in the last 2 minutes.

After that, the game entered a white-hot stage, and the point difference was always around 1 point. In the last 35 seconds, Sun Minghui hit the key 3 points. In the end, the Guangsha team defeated the Beijing Shougang team 94-91. (Sword wind hits the face)Return to Sohu to see more


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