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LACE STAR SKYMARATHON 2024 |  Sportdimontagna.com

A sensational ninth edition is promised for the Pizzo Stella SkyMarathon scheduled for next July 14th in Fraciscio – Campodolcino (So). Having archived the 2023 edition, in which the organizing committee had decided to concentrate on a single distance, the 35 km one, it is now launching a new route, unprecedented in the stretch that from Alpe Angeloga leads to the summit of Groppera (2948 metres) , and which adds another 7 kilometers and 950 meters of pure vertical effort to the original. In this way, the one that develops around Pizzo Stella becomes a full-fledged SkyMarathon (42 km and 3600 m D+). Tough, technical and demanding, the race will reach the territory of the municipality of Madesimo as well as those of Campodolcino, San Giacomo Filippo and Piuro, thus embracing, in a symbolic way, the whole of Valchiavenna. Furthermore, the already well-tested and appreciated Pizzo Stella SkyRace of 20 km and 1600 meters D+ is proposed again. Pizzo Stella SkyMarathon will also be the sixth stage of the Crazy Skyrunning Italy Cup Italian Cup circuit, supported by the Crazy brand (also sponsor of the race) and under the aegis of FISky (Italian Skyrunning Federation).

New 42km and 3600m D+ route

The steep slopes to be tackled at full speed, the spectacular passages at the edge of the sky and the suggestive aerial crests which, together with the 360 ​​degree views of the beautiful Spluga Valley, make this skyrace a prestigious, sought-after and fascinating competition. If the 35 km and 2650 meter D+ route was already considered very challenging, the new route which adds another 7 km and 950 meters of positive altitude difference, all in a single challenging climb, transforms it into a test to say the least ” epic”. The new stretch of the race, which is added to the classic 35 km route, was tested by Daniel Antonioli, winner of three editions.

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The race takes place for the most part on the “old” 35km distance route, with start and finish in Fraciscio. At the height of Alpe Angeloga the detour which, climbing up to the 2948 meters of Pizzo Groppera “gives” the athletes (who already have 23 km in their legs and more than 2000 meters of positive difference in altitude) a severe vertical section. A real race within the race, 950 meters D+ to be tackled in a single sprint. The GPM at Pizzo Sommavalle remains confirmed again this year.

It’s a race that I really like, a real skyrace with technical sections and in a wild environment. I tried the new stretch and I have to say it’s really tough. Very technical, at times almost mountaineering, it will really give a turning point to this already demanding competition, which will become even tougher because although it is just a few kilometers (7 km and 950 meters D+) it has passages to be tackled with the handbrake a little pulled due to the technicality. It will be a great challenge, all to be managed, which could give even the best a hard time.” (Daniel Antonioli)

The race around Pizzo Stella was born in 2015 and is organized by the ASD Amici di Fraciscio. In 2017 and 2018 it was part of the “Skyrunner Italy Series” circuit, while in 2019 and 2021 it was part of the La Sportiva Mountain Running Cup. This year it is a stage in the FISky Italian Cup circuit.

Registrations and further details in the regulation downloadable from the site:

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