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Lotito ‘they raped us, the story of a death foretold’

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Lotito ‘they raped us, the story of a death foretold’

(ANSA) – ROME, MARCH 02 – “Today we were raped, the team is mortified, they suffered psychological trauma.” It’s a river in flood Claudio Lotito, president of Lazio, in the press conference following the knockout with controversy with Milan. “When a system no longer guarantees credibility, you turn to those responsible for enforcing the laws.

Which offices will we turn to? To those to whom all citizens turn when there is a violation of laws and regulations – continues Lotito – Today was ‘the story of a death foretold’. It’s not the first time. When certain situations occur repeatedly, the evaluation of sporting merit ceases. Either the system is capable of correcting itself completely autonomously, or we have to turn to a third party.” When asked what they thought in the UEFA rooms about tonight’s match, Lotito shrugs his shoulders: “I don’t know, from that I know that we in Lazio are seen as a particular situation within the overall European system”. (ANSA). .

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