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Lukaku publicly apologized for reconciling with the Blues in the League Cup match with Tottenham or coming back

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Original title: Lukaku publicly apologized for reconciling with the Blues in the League Cup game Tottenham or comeback

Because of the interview in private, his remarks were unacceptable to the club’s top management and the Blues fans. Forward Lukaku was beaten into the “cold palace” by coach Tuchel, and then missed the Chelsea League home game 2-2 draw with Liverpool. It is reported that after Chelsea coach Tuchel communicated with Lukaku, the two sides were able to reconcile. Belgian Warcraft has publicly apologized. If nothing else, he will come back in the League Cup semi-final against Tottenham.

In an interview, Chelsea forward Lukaku publicly apologized for his behavior, “For the fans, I am sorry for the unpleasantness I caused. Obviously, now I have to rely on my efforts to restore your trust in me, and I will do my best. As far as I can, I fulfill my promises on the training ground and in the game every day. I am sorry because you know that I have been in contact with this club since I was a teenager. So you should know that I fully understand your anxiety. I We need to work hard to make sure we win the games. Yes, I apologize to the coach, and also to my teammates and the board. Because I don’t think this is the right moment. I want to move on from here to make sure we start to win all the games.” “

At the same time, Chelsea coach Tuchel recognized Lukaku’s apology and confirmed that the Belgian Little Warcraft resumed training. “We are very happy to have time to calmly discuss this matter. Lukaku has already apologized and returned. In the team, I participated in today’s training. For me, the most important thing is to understand that to create this kind of public opinion before an important game, we know very well that Lukaku did not intentionally, not to mention this is the first time. He doesn’t want to cause trouble to the team. This matter is not as serious as I imagined. I accept his apology. He has no doubt about the focus of the team and the club. He is very aware of what happened before and what public opinion has been brought about. I think I have a responsibility to handle this, and he will do it. I have encountered more difficult problems in my coaching career, which is nothing.”

It is reported that Chelsea boss Abramovich supported coach Tuchel’s punishment of Lukaku. According to news, Belgian Warcraft was fined 450,000 pounds. According to the schedule, Lukaku will return in the Chelsea League Cup semi-final home game against Tottenham. This game will be played in the early morning of January 6, Beijing time.Return to Sohu to see more


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