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Magic and marathons, here is the Bronze Wizard. “I love running and making children smile”

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The magic of the marathon has bewitched Roberto Tornabene again and the Bronze Wizard is back. Great.

Of course, the 2010 2h32’15 ”of the Treviso marathon are far away, but running the 42.195 kilometers in 2h56 ‘, at the age of 51, is a really good ride.

It is the time with which Tornabene, born in 1970, from Castion, profession representative of trade, magician and magician by passion, on Sunday completed the Veronamarathon, a performance that earned him the 48th absolute position and the title of Venetian Fidal champion of the master category 50.

Roberto Tornabene with his daughter at the Verona Arena

«At over fifty, it is a great satisfaction. It had been a while since I had stopped competing. In the last two years I had stopped competing, I had given up on my mind, I kept running, but just to feel good. A couple of months ago, however, I said to myself: I risk getting lazy, I have to set myself a competitive goal, as the Verona marathon could have been, and I got to work: four workouts a week, two of quality, for about seventy total kilometers, following the tables prepared by Giulio Pavei. And in Verona a good result came out, even if far from the times of… in the past ».

Already, in 2010 you ran to Treviso in 2h32’15 ”and to Venice in 2h35 ‘.

«The 2h32’15” of the Treviso marathon is my personal one, a time that would now allow me to get far ahead in the rankings. But I was a few years younger ».

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How many marathons have you run?

“About ten. In Treviso, in 2012, I also obtained the seventh place overall, third Italian. It was a great satisfaction. I also competed in Amsterdam and Berlin, very suggestive scenarios, above all for the audience frame that encourages you ».

A passion for running, yours, which blossomed late.

«At school the physical education teachers told me that I was good for running but I prefer football, even if I was poor with the ball. Then, at 32, I started running. The “click” took place at the end of the Giro del Castionese, the classic on May 1st. I wanted to run it, after having helped organize it for many years. I ran it, without preparation, and did not hurt. Antonia Filippin did not believe that I had done well without training and the chat with her triggered something inside me: “If I went well without preparing myself – I said to myself – what can I do if I prepare myself properly?” So I started and I got a lot of satisfaction: the races of the Strade d’Italia Grand Prix, the mezze (the staff is 1h11’28 “, made in Palmanova, ed), the marathons. A big thank you, I owe it to Denis Reolon: for about ten years we trained together and we got good results ».

You have to say thank you to your engine too.

«Undoubtedly yes, a gift of nature. But the friends who gave me a hand were my luck. And then my wife Ketty, who is my “mental coach”: I would be lazy, but she has always encouraged me to believe in my means, both in terms of running – and in the marathon the psychological aspect makes the difference when you reach the thirtieth kilometer and your legs start to ache – both in terms of magic ».

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Yep, you’re also the Bronze Wizard.

«I started doing small shows on the occasion of the birthdays of my daughters, Alessia and Sara. From there it went on, I took courses and now I continue to be a magician, on the most varied occasions. I like, with my shows, to be able to lend a hand to some association or organization that helps others. I especially like doing magic for children. The thing that fills me with joy is to see the smile of a child, but also of an adult, during a number ».

How was the name Bronze born?

“As a child I burned myself by throwing incandescent embers into the air and friends began to call me, in fact, Bronze.”

What does it take to run a marathon well?

«Methodical preparation, done with a very specific program. Head. Healthy eating ».


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