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Marcell Jacobs restarts from Savona the track where it all began

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Marcell Jacobs restarts from Savona the track where it all began

At the Ottolia Memorial the first 100 meters of the season for the king of the sprint

The event

The sea view track is ready to launch Marcell Jacobs into this season leading up to the Eugene World Championships. In Savona he changed his pace: a year ago he squeezed the 100 meters in 9’95, his first time under 10 seconds, his first Italian record. Now he returns as an Olympic champion, after the indoor world title and the blue tartan, laid by Mondo in 2012, has been washed to be even more elastic, the signs are freshly traced, the weather gives the right wind and the ideal climate. Jacobs has the third lane of the first battery, all as in 2021. Set up to invite fate.

The first exit in Nairobi was unsuccessful, Jacobs had to debut there but ended up in the hospital with gastroenteritis and now he starts again exactly like 12 months ago: playing with omens becomes automatic also because this place is now used to breathing enterprises. and more than 50 percent of those present chose it as a starting point. From provincial meeting to a returning date, a point on the athletics map. Today there are 20 Tokyo medals and almost the entire blue magic relay, only Tortu is missing, with Jacobs Desalu and Patta compete, just to stay in the sprint.

The host, Marco Musa, director and father of the Ottolia Memorial, had designed the 200 meters to trace the appointment with history: they were scheduled at 16.52, the exact time when Jacobs marked the 100 in the last edition. He has lost too many days of training and does not feel like starting with the most demanding distance, so the test with which he became famous is resumed and the synchronization is lost, but the expectation and ambition of important results remains. «The whole package of 100 can offer surprises. The Paralympic ones with the entire podium of the Sabatini-Caironi-Contrafatto Games, the female ones with the Dosso, Hooper and Fontana challenge and the male ones. Then I say it: in the shot put for the first time I put the 22-meter sling ». We are aiming for Ponzio, fresh from a 21.73 in Rovereto, Weir and Fabbri, the best we have, the most open competition.

Jacobs has tried the departure and tries to realign the body to the beliefs. He annoys him having lost a stage from the schedule and the strength lost in the muscles stressed by the malaise compensates for it with the desire he has to run. Aiming for busy months, he’s not just looking for titles. He has already shown that he knows how to take advantage of the appointments that run now he also wants to do it as much as possible. He wants to attract audiences, share speed, burn opponents, collect feats. Not so much for the few who persist in doubting his consistency, but for the pleasure of competition. Since he learned to live it, he wants to multiply it. Busy schedule: Saturday, in Turin, at the Book Fair to present “Flash”, on June 9 the Golden Gala in Rome, a new stadium that awaits him and is filled for him, while on June 16 Oslo, another city of the Diamond League. –

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