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March 16 Europa League Senge United vs Union Berlin_Home_Away_Draw

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March 16 Europa League Senge United vs Union Berlin_Home_Away_Draw

Original title: Europa League Senge United vs Union Berlin on March 16

Thursday’s lottery 009 Europa League: Senge United vs Union Berlin

In the last Europa League match, Union Berlin played at home against their opponents. The two sides played a 3:3 draw. Union Berlin did not have any advantage at home. The Belgian team Senge United showed strong explosive power and tenacity in the away game.

You must know that Union Berlin is a team that is famous for grabbing points at home, but they failed to beat their opponents in two home games. Fighting on two fronts, the lineup is thin, and the team’s recent state has declined significantly. It has been unbeaten for four rounds, and its fatigue is evident. If this round of away games goes all out to fight for Senge United, how should they deal with the league two days later?

In the first half of this season, the team fluctuated and declined. It was also because of the away game against their opponents Senge United. They won the away game 1:0, but returned to the league and lost 5:0 to Leverkusen and 4:1 to Freiburg, 2:2 draw with Augsburg, conceded 11 goals in three rounds. After three rounds of 2 losses and 1 draw, he recovered.

Faced with a choice again in this game, should we fight or give up? The exposure rate of the Bundesliga teams is not as high as that of the Bundesliga. The Europa League is the stage for small clubs such as the Bundesliga to show their strength. Therefore, Senge United must be higher than Berlin Union in terms of fighting spirit. In addition, the confrontation record is not good. Fearing the opponent, it is playing at home again. In fact, Senge United has a chance to win Berlin Union at home in this game!

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In terms of data:

Compared with the 0.5 handicap of the last home game, the value is significantly lower. Combined with the recent fundamentals of Union Berlin, we can accept this 0.25 initial handicap, but 0.25 is matched with the high water in the market. This concession is obvious. It is shallow, and it is estimated that it is deliberately done to cater to the market and look down on Union Berlin.

Ou pointed out that William and Ladbrokes, the two mainstream companies, have dropped sharply from the initial loss to the instant. At this time, it has not yet reached the peak betting period. The two institutions have such a tacit understanding and a sharp drop in the tie, which is obviously full of precautions against the tie.

But we also have to consider one thing, if there is a draw in this game, is there a possibility that the draw in this game will become popular in the case of a draw in the last match?

In other words, Union Berlin has not been in a good state recently, but their popularity is significantly higher than that of the home team. If Union Berlin can play away in this game, then a tie is the best way to trade. With the visiting team not lacking in attention and bargaining chips, they opened low to maintain resistance, leveled the diversion, and promoted the main to increase the value of winning. The value is obviously suppressing the confidence of Union Berlin.

Based on comprehensive analysis, we are optimistic about the smooth away game of Berlin United.

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