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Miglietta is the best, Coali shines Regattieri does not disappoint as a starter

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6,5 REGATTIERI At the first as a starter he convinces, even if we see that the agreement with the forwards needs to be improved. But he raises and helps the wall on the side attacks and is always very much alive and present.

5,5 MAGALINI He is the top scorer and the failure would seem out of tune, but he enters the game late and, when he does, the game immediately changes to the positive. He is the protagonist in the good (the ace at the end of the third quarter that reopens the match) and in the bad (the two errors that close it).

6 PORCELLO Overall a sufficient performance with good things on the block and in attack, and still some avoidable errors in the service.

6,5 sheet In evident growth, so much so that Maranesi puts him back in the starting-six and he asserts himself strongly against the block and also manages to be productive in attack.

6 CLEAN He suffers a lot in reception, especially at the start, but he manages to redeem himself and to be the protagonist with a very solid race.

Sv BRAN He comes out very early because coach Maranesi tries with Miglietta to raise the defensive level, then he no longer finds space in the rest of the match, but recovering the captain at the top is a priority, especially for a team in its first season of A3.

6 TARAMELLI A few burrs, but overall a fair race.

7 TICKET Definitely the best of lomellini. He enters after a few laps and never comes out, challenges the height gap with his opponents and puts down important balls, behind is often a decisive factor.

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6 MELLANO He mostly enters the serve and signs an ace. It proves useful to the cause.

7 COACH MARANESI After Sunday’s bad home defeat at home with Pordenone, the reaction counted more than the result on a prohibitive field and the coach had the answers he was looking for.

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