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Milk crate challenge: what is the latest social madness that is depopulating in the USA – Foreign

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Rome, 25 August 2021 – All sorts of things have been seen. From boys who throw themselves in the middle of the road as cars go by, to girls who strangle themselves with the belt of their robe. But the ‘challenges’, as they are called on social networks, no matter how senseless and dangerous they continue to depopulate on Tik Tok and Instagram. In fact, come by United States the new folly social: the ‘milk crate challenge‘, literally ‘milk case challenge’.

What is it about? The new challenge requires the participant In the to go up, step by step, on the top of a very precarious pyramid of milk crates. Precarious because the coffers are not tied together. Then, once at the top – if you can reach it – it’s not over: you must also go down the steps, created by stacking the containers, to be considered winners.

Almost always the result is disastrous, very few succeed. The milk crate challenge challengers sometimes don’t even reach the top of the paramide and it’s there terrible falls, amid the laughter of the public, to make online videos popular, so much so that on YouTube and Twitter there is no shortage of “best of”.

From the backyard to more open spaces with a large audience, the challenges are really organized everywhere. The trend, in fact, appeared on TikTok a month ago and can boast over 15.3 million collective views on the platform. And if the videos are accompanied by smiling emojis, in reality the risk is to get really hurt, so much so that the doctors of the Baltimore Health Department they have come to recommend that we no longer follow this risky trend. “With the increase in hospitalizations for Covid-19 across the country – is the tweet -, before trying the Milk Crate Challenge, check that your local hospital has a bed available“.

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