Home Sports Mizzau after the bronze: “I wanted that medal at all costs, I’ll be at Federica Pellegrini’s wedding on the 27th”

Mizzau after the bronze: “I wanted that medal at all costs, I’ll be at Federica Pellegrini’s wedding on the 27th”

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Mizzau after the bronze: “I wanted that medal at all costs, I’ll be at Federica Pellegrini’s wedding on the 27th”

He wanted at all costs to win a medal. To turn the page. To have a future in high-level international swimming. There are many months, Paris 2024 is just around the corner, in the midst of many meetings and many satisfactions still to be taken away. There will be a before and after Rome 2022.

Alice Mizzau looks like a different swimmer than she was in the early days of the European Championship. Transformed. From shy and awkward in the water, to a ferocious warrior capable of dragging Italy into the pool, as had never been seen before, in the mixed 200 freestyle relay, to an almost unexpected medal, the bronze on Tuesday evening.

Alice, this is the medal of pride and it is the result of many years of work and sacrifices. What has changed since the early Roman days?

«I have not been mulling over the negative aspects of the previous races, both in the single and in the women’s relay. I gave the best of myself after days of reflection. I’m at peace now. I wanted this time, just over 1’58 ”. I wanted the medal, I did it ».

Can we therefore say that the Alice seen in the relay is the best in recent years?

“I have tried to look beyond the recent negative results. I couldn’t stay there to fossilize ».

Were you able to better manage the swimming difficulties during the relay that gave you the bronze?

“I’ve thought about all the work I’ve done so far. I have improved the condition. I said to myself “now or never”. I swam with great wickedness ».

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How much has Mizzau changed from the gold in Budapest in the 2014 relay?

“Several things have changed. Experience certainly gave me a big hand even here in Rome. But at the European Championships I used all the necessary grit, all the accumulated experience, there is everything of mine in this performance. A bronze is worth more than a gold of a few years ago ».

You competed in the most beautiful swimming pool in the world. What does it mean for an athlete like you to swim in a context like that of Rome?

“The public helped us. Very, very much. And it was the environment that helped me to invest in myself, to seek glory for redemption, to improve. The cheering has always supported us, and it was wonderful ».

Now the season is really over. What will she do before she gets back into the tub?

«To be honest I’m about to embark … I’m going to Sardinia to spend a few days of vacation, happy to have won a European medal. It is all very beautiful ».

But how! On August 27th there is the wedding of her friend Pellegrini …

«Of course I am going, in San Zaccaria I will be present, indeed, touched and fleeing from Sardinia. I will not be able to miss it ».

La Divina decided, with her future husband Matteo Giunta, to donate the wedding gifts to charity. What do you think?

“I had the further confirmation that they are two beautiful and great people.”

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