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Monte Carlo: Sinner surrenders in the 3rd set, Tsitsipas in the final. The blue was beaten by an incredible refereeing oversight and by the Greek in a state of grace

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Monte Carlo: Sinner surrenders in the 3rd set, Tsitsipas in the final.  The blue was beaten by an incredible refereeing oversight and by the Greek in a state of grace

A battaglia. Decided by one Stephens Tsitsipas in the best version of himself and helped by fate. Which materialized in two events that penalized Jannik Sinner: a physical problem in the final part of the third and decisive set and a sensational oversight arbitration, again in the third set. The line judge and the chair judge judged that Tsitsipas’ second pass was inside, but it had instead gone wide. A mistake resounding, which probably saved the Greek: it was the fifth game, the Italian led 3-1, it would have been the Greek’s second double fault, the second break would have brought Sinner to 4-1, the opponent would have needed a feat to recover and win. History, however, took a different path and Tsitsipasthanks to spectacular and never banal tennis, he managed to win and return to the final of a Master 1000, definitive proof of his return to the highest level. 4-6,6-3,4-6 the final score. Tomorrow he will face the winner of the match between Djokovic e Ruud. For Sinner this is not a defeat in the broad sense of the term. Of course, the setback hurts, especially the way it came. But the South Tyrolean has demonstrated that he can compete at the highest levels even on red clay, a terrain he is less familiar with congenial. With a side consideration: perhaps the Italian champion needs to take a breath, to stop, perhaps to arrive in the best possible physical condition for the International of Rome and, above all, to Roland Garros.

Here is the match report.

The match beginsTsitsipas vince he draw and decides to answer. Jannik Sinner will begin service.

1-0 – The blue, albeit with difficulty, wins the first game to the advantages. Cistipase he holds the court well and now goes to serve.

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1-1 – The Greek takes measures and imposes himself in the second game by leaving Sinner a 15.

1-2Double fault of the blue and Tsitsipas who wins the third game. The match becomes more aggressive and the two spare no blows.

1-3Jannik Sinner suffersTsitsipas is more aggressive and easily wins in the fourth game.

2-3 – Leaving the Greek at zero, the blue shortens, Tsitsipas always one break ahead.

2-4Tsitsipas he doesn’t lose serve and leaving Sinner at 15 he wins another game. The blue is evident difficulty.

3-4 – Great exchanges between the blue and the Greek. Sinner shorten the distances, but Tsitsipas He’s still one game ahead.

3-5 – Too many errors from Sinner. Greek also makes a ace and does not lose service ripping off another game.

4-5 – The blue lets one go first very powerful straight and then ends the game with an excellent work online. Sinner shorten ma Tsitsipas ancora avanti.

4-6Tsitsipas deadly at bat leaves no chance for Sinner. Even with difficulty the Greek wins the first set in 44 minutes. The blue is in difficulty.

Many inaccuracies for Jannik Sinner. The Greek plays well and deservedly prevails in the first set.

The second set begins – Sinner at the service.

1-0 – The first one arrives too ace of the match per Jannik Sinner. Tsitsipas stops at 15, the blue wins the first game.

2-0 – With a dunk at the net, the blue breaks the serve to the Greek and wins the second game. Sinner ahead 2 to 0 in the second set.

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3-0 – The mistakes of the blue are reduced and Sinner takes advantage of the uncertainties by Tsitsipas. Alto Adige ahead 3 games to 0.

3-1 – Sinner’s ball is long and the Greek wins the fourth game. Tsitsipas shortens but Sinner still ahead.

4-1 – Sinner maintains it lead break. First an excellent short ball and then a powerful forehand for the blue with which he closes the fifth game. Tsitsipas in difficulty.

4-2 – Sinner comes close to rip the serve to Tsitsipas several times, but the Greek wins the game and shorten.

5-2 – Game in which Sinner is forced to defend the break lead. It ends with the advantages and the blue has the upper hand. Sinner rises to 5 games to 2 in the second set.

5-3 – The blue fails to close the set. Tsitsipas wins the game.

6-3 – Sinner wins the second set. The blue cancels the possibility of the five times break point for Greek. First a along deadly linethen one fly ball with which Sinner evens the score. One set each. Everything is decided in third.

The third set begins – Tsitsipas al servizio.

1-0Excellent start by Sinner. The blue opens the third set ripping off subito il servizio a Tsitsipas.

2-0 – Sinner called by the Greek to play under the net and with a precise touch he wins the second game. Sky blue ahead in the third set.

2-1 – Tsitsipas holds the service e shorten of a game. Sinner again avanti after 3 games.

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3-1 – Sinner lengthen. Tsitsipas is looking for shorten with exchanges but wrong even with the forehand. The blue closes the game with ease and defends the lead break.

3-2 – With a ace the Greek closes the fifth game. Sinner also has the ability to rip another serve to Tsitsipas but the referee doesn’t see a second foul in the Greek’s serve. The blue is still avanti.

4-2 – With a crushed at the net, Jannik Sinner conquest the sixth game of the third set. The blue defends the lead break and lengthen ancora su Tsitsipas.

4-3 – Field change. Tsitsipas does not lose service and wins the seventh game. Game ending with a grimace for blue: a small knee problem ma nothing serious. Sinner comes right away medicated on the sidelines and is ready to start playing again. Sinner at the service.

4-4 – It matches if reopens. An inattentive Sinner who concedes too much: first cue and despite canceling the Greek’s chance to regain the break point four times, in the end he is forced to give up. Ottavo game a Tsitsipas.

4-5 – Tsitsipas takes the lead, 5 games to 4 for the Greek. Sinner now serves to stay in the match. The blue again medicated on the sidelines.

4-6 – Sinner is forced to surrender. Tsitsipas comeback in the third set and won the victory, reaching the final.

Defeat per Jannik Sinner. The Greek wins by two sets to one: 4-6,6-3,4-6. Stefanos Tsitsipas will play in the final tomorrow against the winner of the match between Novak Djokovic and Casper Ruud.

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