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Monza defeated at the debut, Toro wins 2-1 with Miranchuk and Sanabria

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Monza defeated at the debut, Toro wins 2-1 with Miranchuk and Sanabria

The soul of Juric, plus the heart of Torino: the grenades win at Monza 2-1 and start the championship as best they could.Three points, from the debut were missing for three years, which represent the response of a team that is passing the most absurd summer, it wasn’t even on Seriously. Yet the Bull is there, it shows that it is stronger not only than Monza, which wants to become one of the revelations of the championship, but also of the absences, of the rip-offs, of the betrayals. It is a team as proud as it is difficult to propose the one that makes the Brianza club’s first ever in Serie A bitter. In which the hole left by the last captain, Lukic (band to Rodriguez), is only the last of the unexpected events that accompanied Torino’s approach to the championship, which before losing the captain designated after the Belotti era by mutiny, he had already seen the coach and the sporting director almost take a beating.

Everything is past, they assure, and the victories help to overcome even this moment, that of a Toro who by necessity makes Adopo debut in defense, who last year was the mezzala in the Viterbo area. In the middle he dusts off Linetty, who hadn’t started for six months, and on the trocar he is forced to immediately throw one of the latest arrivals on the field: Miranchuk. And you can see, the Russian looks like a fish out of water throughout the first half, but in the 43rd minute he has the merit of being in the right place at the right time to give Torino the advantage. It is a deserved 1-0 for the grenades, who in the first fraction tremble only in a couple of circumstances due to the shots of Filippo Ranocchia, but they become dangerous several times, two (wasted) with Sanabria at the beginning and then with Radonjic, who at 27 ‘we see Di Gregorio reject the nice diagonal with a feat.

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There is also room for Vlasic, the other fresh novelty, who is relaying with Miranchuk. The contribution of the former West Ham is immediately felt on a practical level, because the game begins to flow even on the right. After 20 ‘of the second half the Monza curve displays the banner for Gigi Radice and immediately after Turin doubles, exploiting another uncertainty of the defense. Carboni clears yet another cross from Radonjic, on the ball in the area Ricci stretches out and fishes Sanabria on the far post: goal in half overturned. There is room for another in the transfer list: Segre, also a midfielder, takes the place of Adopo on the center right of the defense. An unleashed Radonjic, the best of the grenades, touches 3-0 in two other circumstances. Monza scored before the final whistle exploiting an indecision of the defense and of Milinkovic-Savic, who badly deflected a cross from D’Alessandro, delivering the goal to Mota into an empty net. At 31 ‘, however, the Serbian had saved the goal on a strong and angled shot from Birindelli. The patron Cairo in the stands also enjoys the first minute of the 18 year old Turkish talent Ilkhan (and Lazaro). The Bull wins and while waiting for the last shots he sends him a nice message

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