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Naples more and more alone. Derby d’Italia at Juve, but how many mistakes for Inter

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Naples more and more alone.  Derby d’Italia at Juve, but how many mistakes for Inter

It is Napoli, with its 9 consecutive victories, the brightest star in the league. He has no opponents, at least so far. A bright star even when, like Saturday in Bergamo, he struggled to beat Atalanta, giving up his sparkling football. But it was also a Sunday of derby, important derbies, highly anticipated, from which unexpected results came. Starting with the Derby d’Italia, between Juventus and Inter, which ends with a clear 2-0 in favor of the bianconeri thanks to the goals in the second half by Rabiot and Fagioli. An almost clear success that would have been more categorical if Danilo had not been canceled by a goal for the touch of the hand detected by the Var.

The Old Lady is back on the run

A victory that puts Juventus back in the running (now fifth with Roma) and instead breaks the run-up to Inter who, once again, lose a direct match. It is the fifth time that he has gone haywire with a big player: and if you take into account that Inter also has the worst external defense of the tournament (16 goals to the passive) this becomes another severe handicap for Inzaghi’s men, who fell after a encouraging positive cycle of four consecutive wins.

It was supposed to be a “recovery” derby, for two big players who were far behind in the race for the title. A sort of play-off (of those postponed to November) also for Allegri and Inzaghi. For Max this junction was certainly a step forward: there is more play, more reactivity and a constant growth of some players such as Rabiot, Fagioli and above all Filip Kostic, in great shape and inventor of winning assists.

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For Inzaghi, however, everything still gets complicated. A shame because Inter were more dangerous in the first half. Too many mistakes, though. Which in the end weighed. Some unforgivable like those of Dzeko (head), Lautaro and Dumfries with an empty net.

Juve reacted in the second half by hitting the throw-in as in the occasion of the first goal, when Kostic, after getting rid of Barella, sprinted for 60 meters and then served Rabiot for the winning deflection. Barella’s naive, but formidable the progression of the Serbian who, in addition to hitting a post on one to zero, was a painful nail in the right flank of Inter.

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