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National Stadium switches from “winter to summer” in seven days and sets sail again – Xinhuanet

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National Stadium switches from “winter to summer” in seven days and sets sail again – Xinhuanet

The National Stadium in Beijing is undergoing a remarkable transformation, switching from “winter to summer” in just seven days. The stadium, also known as the “Sail of Ice,” will host the ISU World Figure Skating Grand Prix Finals from December 7th to 10th, followed by the Men’s Basketball Professional League (CBA) North Control Team just three days later.

Originally used for gymnastics, trampoline, and handball competitions during the 2008 Beijing Olympics, the National Stadium has now been renovated to host ice hockey and sled hockey events during the Beijing Winter Olympics. After the Olympics, the stadium has adopted a new business philosophy, aiming to integrate sports and culture to provide a “cultural and sports paradise” for visitors.

As preparations for the Figure Skating Grand Prix Finals are underway, the ice hockey rink has been transformed into a figure skating rink, with the event landscape layout and other pre-match tests already completed. The ice-making team, composed of Chinese ice-makers, has rich experience and is eagerly preparing for the competition.

Wu Xiaonan, deputy general manager of Beijing Performing Arts Group, which oversees the National Stadium, expressed his confidence in hosting the competition and outlined the goal of the National Stadium to become a hub for sports events, performing arts, mass fitness, cultural and sports training, tourism exhibitions, and social welfare activities.

In an effort to further promote the utilization of large sports venues, the National Stadium has signed a strategic cooperation agreement with other iconic venues in the Beijing Olympic Park, aiming to deepen the sharing of resources and attract more professional sports events and sports consumption activities to settle in Beijing.

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Furthermore, the stadium is embracing the spirit of the Double Olympics by offering a range of activities for the public, including youth ice hockey training, rhythmic gymnastics training for children, tennis, and badminton. Additionally, the National Stadium is striving to combine sports and culture by hosting various cultural events, such as film award ceremonies and ice shows.

With the National Stadium set to host multiple sports and cultural events, including the Figure Skating Grand Prix Finals and a variety of public fitness and cultural activities, it’s clear that the venue is embracing its Double Olympics heritage and is poised to become a vibrant hub for entertainment and sports in Beijing.

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