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Neville: Cristiano Ronaldo shouldn’t go back to the locker room, this will increase the pressure on Sole’s handsome_Solskjaer

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Original title: Neville: Cristiano Ronaldo should not go back to the locker room. This will increase the pressure on the handsome

In the 7th round of the Premier League, Manchester United drew 1-1 at home with Everton. Ronaldo didn’t start and didn’t come off the bench until the 56th minute. Ronaldo walked back to the locker room angrily after the game, Manchester United star Gary Neville criticized Ronaldo shouldn’t do this.

Gary Neville said: “I saw Cristiano Ronaldo leaving. I can’t say that I like this behavior. Will Ronaldo be unhappy when he doesn’t play? Yes. Will Ronaldo be unhappy when he doesn’t score? Yes. Will Ronaldo be angry when the team doesn’t win? Of course it is. We all know this, but he doesn’t have to prove it this way.”

Then Gary Neville pointed out that Ronaldo’s doing so will only increase the pressure on Manchester United coach Solskjaer. “C Ronaldo murmured to himself when he left the field, which raised questions: What is he talking about? Who is he angry with? The answer can only go back to the coach. Ronaldo is smart enough that he can understand, like him. This behavior will bring real pressure to the coach, more pressure than Solskjaer is already under.”

Gary Neville emphasized: “I think this is something that must be dealt with in the next few months. Ronaldo does not always score goals, he may not participate in every game, but I think if he leaves like this The stadium will put a lot of pressure on Solskjaer. There is no doubt that the discussion after the game is about the coach: he has so many players, but they did not use this tactic, did not do it or did it, He did not choose Ronaldo to start…”

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Gary Neville suggested that Solskjaer strengthen his management of Ronaldo: “I think Solskjaer must take care of himself and must be more selfish to ensure that he can manage Ronaldo in a certain way. He can do it, he He has managed Pogba well in the past few years. I think he will say to Ronaldo, “If you must do this, then let us do it in the locker room.” Ronaldo will do it on the court. With additional pressure, he does have such an influence. I think it’s not helpful for Solskjaer in this situation. But on the other hand, Ronaldo is not a sheep, he will not just follow behind. Show any emotions, he will show his disgust and unhappiness for the situation.”Return to Sohu to see more


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