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Noemi Batki, last five-circle race: “Proud of the path I’ve covered in twenty years”

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Noemi Batki

The diver who lived in Belluno for a long time did not hit the semifinal from the platform. It was his fourth participation in an Olympics

Noemi Batki’s Olympic story ended yesterday. Twenty-seventh placement in the preliminary round, 226.95 points overall, the dream passage of the round vanished almost immediately due to a triple and a half pike ahead worth 43.50 points.

He was undoubtedly hoping for something better, he would have liked to have been in the semifinal that took place a few hours ago and preparatory to qualifying for today’s final (starting at 8 am). Nothing to do instead, as the diver registered with the Army and Triestina Nuoto experienced an uphill race without ever being able to change her inertia. In fact, only the double overhead obtained a positive score of 58. 80. The other blue Sarah Jodoin Di Maria entered the best eighteen, fifteenth with 291.05.


Despite the bitterness, Batki wanted to accept the verdict with great sportsmanship. Also taking the opportunity to greet the Olympic course in the most serene way possible.

“Normally after a race like today I would have felt desperate, angry and humiliated”, we read on social media. «Instead, what prevails is being proud and proud of having been able to build a path that for almost twenty years has kept me among the best in the world. Obviously I’m sorry, especially because in the last month I was jumping well, but this race will not define my value and my merit ».

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The analysis continues. «I missed competing, it had been two years since I had the opportunity to dive into international level competitions, so I lacked the sensitivity in managing my sensations in the race. I have done everything I could, and even more, I do not blame myself for anything, and it is thanks to this that I am at peace with myself. I understood that the meaning of continuing to jump after Rio 2016 was precisely to realize that what you live and what you leave while chasing a goal counts much more than the goal itself. “

At this point, the usual thanks are inevitable.

«Thanks to those who helped me get to my fourth Olympics to experience it with unprecedented intensity and to be able to take home yet another wonderful memory. For other considerations… Stay tuned (stay connected, ed.) ».


Batki, we remember, had the opportunity to grow and train at the Lambioi swimming pool, under the watchful eye of her mother Ibolya Nagy and her father Dario Mosena.

She had reached the age of 3 in Belluno and feels very attached to the city, despite the move which took place in 2005 towards Trieste.

Sportingly this was his fourth participation in the Olympics. The first was that of Beijing 2008 in the synchronized from 3 meters with the thirty Francesca Dallapè: they finished sixth, then. London 2012 consecrated her with the eighth place in the individual final from the platform.

On the other hand, the trip to Brazil in Rio de Janeiro in 2016 was bitter. Thanks to an injury, he finished 28th. GIANLUCA DA POIAN

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