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Olimpia Prepares for Central American Cup Clash Against Independiente de Panamá

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Olimpia Prepares for Central American Cup Clash Against Independiente de Panamá

Title: Olimpia Begins Central American Cup Campaign with Match Against Independiente de Panamá

Date: 2023-08-01

Olimpia, the current champion of the Central American Cup, is set to kick off its campaign against Independiente de Panamá at the “Chelato” Uclés National Stadium. The highly anticipated match will take place on Wednesday at 8 pm.

The team arrived in Honduras on Monday night after completing a series of friendly matches in the United States against El Salvador’s Águila. These friendlies allowed Olimpia to fine-tune their skills and set the stage for their upcoming tournament.

Ahead of the crucial match against Independiente, coach Pedro Troglio provided an update on the team’s injury situation. He confirmed that both Jerry Bengtson and Juan Pablo Montes would be unavailable for the match due to minor discomfort. However, he assured fans that both players would be ready to participate in the second fixture of the Apertura against Real España on Saturday.

Reflecting on the team’s recent tour in the United States, Troglio acknowledged that the players were fatigued, particularly during the final stretch when they played three games in five days. However, he highlighted the opportunity it provided for all squad members to gain valuable playing time. Troglio expressed his satisfaction with their return to the country and emphasized the importance of the upcoming match against Independiente.

Furthermore, Troglio mentioned the team’s preference for training on their home ground, where they have the advantage of playing on good grass. Olimpia had played six out of seven matches on synthetic pitches during their tour. However, the coach acknowledged that their upcoming opponents, Real Estelí and FAS, would likely have the advantage of playing on a synthetic pitch.

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As the defending champions, Olimpia carries the responsibility to perform well not only in this tournament but in all competitions they participate in. Troglio emphasized the team’s ambitions, stating that they aim to win all three tournaments this year.

Finally, Troglio commented on the recent presentation of Reinaldo Rueda, praising the Colombian coach for his extensive experience. He expressed support for Rueda and emphasized the importance of backing him in his new role.

The match against Independiente de Panamá holds significant importance for Olimpia as they embark on their Central American Cup journey. Fans and supporters eagerly anticipate the team’s performance as they strive to achieve success on their path to securing multiple titles.

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