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Our 11 first category Venetian messengers

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Our 11 first category Venetian messengers

Luckily there are votes, because in the embarrassment of choice and a noble and fierce competition, it was precisely the attendance collected day after day that gave the definitive face to Our 11 of the 2021-’22 season in First Category. The team, coached by Willy Pittana, presents itself with a 4-3-3 with outstanding technical and offensive qualities, properly mixing experience and youth.

Between the posts we find Alessandro Tion, goalkeeper born in 1986 who last season played 14 games in Colloredo and 15 in Fulgor, leaving his mark with the “usual” exploits, between penalty saves and interventions to save the result. He is currently playing in the first category in Rome and futsal in the A2 series, but the return to Friuli is near and he is tempted by an experience in Carnico.

Moving on to the outfield players, it is Danny Van Buuren to preside over the role of right-back. Born in Bologna in 1991 to Dutch parents, and moved to Forum Juli at the age of 17 after starting out in the Imolese area, the “flying Dutchman” clocked up miles with the Cormonese promoted six days early.

Where technique does not arrive, it puts its heart into it. The first of the two central ones is Alberto Mottin, born in ’93 originally from Cordenons who won with San Quirino in which he plays as a full-back. Out of necessity we deploy him centrally, a role in which he, among other things, knows how to adapt also due to his propensity to anticipate. A computer technician in life, when he’s not branding he plays beach volleyball and enjoys some TV series.

IS Simone Pizzamiglio left center. In Centrosedia, where he has been a point of reference for his teammates for five years, the 1993 class stands out for his generosity on and off the pitch, his very good technical quality, his physicality and the ease of running with which he often manages to present himself in the offensive zone. The left wing full-back is Stephen Del Pin del Teor, with which he conquered the Promotion thus completing his personal climb. Starting from the third category, he is now a permanent holder in Promotion. On the left he can do everything, even inside midfield and full back. Humility was his trump card.


After three years of stoppage due to Covid, the party of Our 11 by Messaggero Veneto is back


Focuses on the three-way median with a winger adapted to the role as Gabriel Asante Tawiah Free Mp3 Download which Vallenoncello has been enjoying for four seasons, after taking it from Sant’Antonio Porcia. The class of ’98 offers a peppery interpretation to the role thanks to his speed and innate ability to aim for the man to insert himself up to the goal.

When needed, he also effectively interprets marking tasks and knows how to grit his teeth in the most difficult moments. In the middle of the two midfielders, in the role of low play in front of the defense, we find a long-time veteran like Alberto Panfili, forty years old in September and “hen” of Rivignano, where he arrived in 2020 after his experiences in Lignano in Promozione, Bibione, Codroipo and Pertegada. The coaches say that someone like him is always to be had, also for the optimism that he knows how to instill in the group.

He also played a great season last year Andrea Donati, the 2000-year-old who finished his second season at Sedegliano with 16 goals. Product of the Camino nursery, Donati struck for his personality, speed technique and precision that distinguish him in shooting executions.

An abacus would not be enough to write down all the goals scored by this trident of wonders in his career, starting with the 46 goals scored last season by Ivan Fabrizio Bolgan, the top scorer of Azzanese who this year has started scoring again even with Chions in Eccellenza. The Argentine born in Cordoba in ’99 was an authentic star performer, revealing a completeness of repertoire that many colleagues would envy. And who knows if they already regret it at the Union Pasiano.

The role of first striker is of Alberto Beuzer, the class of ’86 from Cividale that it’s really hard not to know, if only for his past in the Udinese Spring which was followed by experiences in Serie D also with Pro Romans. After leaving and then returning to football, last year the bomber enchanted and scored (21 goals) with Torreanese, where he highlighted his usual crystalline technique with both feet, combined with the experience that makes him a complete striker even functional for the team.

Sweet at the bottom, Peter Cavallaro, very fast striker who can also be a bird of prey in the penalty area. The 24-year-old won with Basiliano, leaving the bianconeri with 20 goals before making the leap in category to Casarsa. Raised between Fortissimi and Aurora, last year he also played in memory of a dear friend who passed away

He could not be missing on the bench Willy Pittana, the 50-year-old coach who in his fourth season in Teor put together a really unexpected promotion, with his 4-5-1. There are those who only remembered him as a player with the Udinese and Venice shirts, but he can also score “goals” on the bench.

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