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Pablo López is devoured by the Tigers in Detroit

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Pablo López is devoured by the Tigers in Detroit

Miami Marlins pitcher Pablo Lopez struggles in game against Detroit Tigers

Good fortune has not been entirely favorable to Pablo Lopez at the start of the 2024 season. Part of that is due to the bad moment the players are going through. Mellizos from Minnesota who have barely managed to add two victories from their last seven appearances.

For this Friday’s game, the team traveled to Comerica Park to start their first series against the Detroit Tigers. Fairly The Venezuelan had to take the mound for the third time in the campaign, with the main objective of improving their previous presentation and thus guiding their team to victory.

However, the Tigers respected the house and were able to decipher Lopez’s shots at the right moments. In the end, his performance lasted only four innings in which he allowed six hits, five runs, a home run, with three walks and seven strikeouts.

In the first inning, Mark Canha hit a home run to open the scoring. The second and third went on the fast track, but the fourth it got a little complicated after allowing another little line. Finally, in the fifth he only faced four rivals, giving up two walks and allowing a double and a single to add more runs to his account.

Until now, Pablo López has a 4.32 ERA after three starts, nine runs allowed, four walks and 17 strikeouts in 16.2 innings pitched.

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