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Pact between Oltrepo and Piacenza to enhance talents

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The newly formed Oltrepadana club joins the Academy of the Serie C Emilia club which will provide technical advice for the youth sector


Oltrepo Fbc joins the Piacenza football academy. A basic step for the growth of the youth sector which will be absorbed by the newly born company from Oltrepadana after the merger between Varzi Fbc 1916 and Broni.

«Having had relations with Piacenza for some years – explained the sporting director of Oltrepo, ex Varzi, Nicola Raso – we decided to illustrate our project linked to young people to them. I believe it is essential to be able to carry out a social and technical work, to make children grow up with healthy educational principles. And then offer them the possibility, to those who will be deemed most deserving to make a leap in quality, landing in a professional youth sector like that of Piacenza ». Francesco Guareschi is the general manager of the youth sector of the Emilian club, which plays in Serie C. “It is a collaboration that arises from the relationships that have existed in recent years between us, the president of Varzi, Fabrizio Catenacci and the sporting director Nicola Raso . A collaboration that had led to us two Varzi boys, Filippo Muzio (class 2007), goalkeeper and Federico Muzio, defender (2008). With a view to the birth of the new Oltrepo sports association, Catenacci and Raso proposed to me to forge this sporting bond linked to young people by joining our Academy, which already includes other clubs that gravitate to Piacentino and Basso Lodigiano. . The Oltrepo will become in effect our affiliated company at the youth sector level, which will consolidate its work in its territory but at the same time will be supported by our technicians and me as a coordinator in its growth to produce players who have a channel. direct with Piacenza. For us the Oltrepò basin has always been a point of reference over the years and several young people from those areas have passed through us, taking an important step towards football growth. This collaboration was created to support them and make them grow together with us and transform them into a reality of reference in the territory functionally to a work aligned with methodologies that we already have within us and that we will also transfer to them “. –

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