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Paffoni, infections increase: we are moving towards postponement. Stop the regional basketball championships

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The positives at Covid in the Paffoni team group rise to six – between players and coaching staff – and in all likelihood the match scheduled for Saturday evening in Verbania against Robur Varese will be postponed. The company has already communicated the situation to the ASL and awaits a communication in these hours, which should arrive by today: it is likely that the entire group will be quarantined for five days. In this case, the situation will have to be communicated to the Basketball League which will decide to postpone the match. The situation has worsened in the last few hours after two positives had already been communicated last week.

Questions remain about the whole day in Serie B: for now there are no official decisions and the 14th round scheduled for the weekend is confirmed. Mamy Oleggio and Cipir Borgomanero resumed training smoothly and the most delicate is the case of Paffoni Omegna. On Saturday in addition to Paffoni-Varese on the calendar there is also Mamy-Pavia, while on Sunday there is Cipir-Firenze.

The words of Mastromarco

Meanwhile, on Saturday and Sunday, the regional championships – both senior and youth – will not be played, but there is a cautious optimism for the continuation of the activity which is in any case linked to the results of the council scheduled for tomorrow. “At the moment the drastic decisions are counterproductive and we have opted for a suspension that concerns only the next weekend”: the words come from the Novara Gianpaolo Mastromarco, Fip regional president.

At the regional level this is a preventive measure as there would not be many outbreaks. However, there are those like Lombardy who have chosen a different path: here we will return to play only from 22 January. “Rome has given autonomy to the territories, since the national leaders have realized that each region has its own history – declares Mastromarco -. Caution is needed when making decisions. We got in touch with my collaborators and the common idea is not to stop anything, as the recovery would become complicated ».

“Let’s finish the season”

Like all sports, basketball is paying a heavy price. Piedmont tried to get back up, bringing even the smallest back to the field last spring. A risk that however has borne excellent results: the championships in fact ended regularly and the clubs were able to count on new members in the autumn. «Even before the holidays we had given the right to the clubs to postpone the matches due to problems related to Covid in agreement with the competition office – he explains -. Fortunately, there weren’t many requests. In the next meeting we will evaluate which championships to suspend for another week ». Compared to a year ago, the situation is better and the second phases can be planned, especially with regards to senior tournaments. «The clubs are more inclined to resume – he concludes -, while a new stop could be devastating, especially for the youngest. We gritted our teeth for a long time a year ago, wasting these sacrifices would be deleterious and inappropriate ».

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