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Panthers, Palaverde sold out: “We want to win 100”

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Few tickets still available for Prosecco Doc-Trentino. Vuchkova: «The record? Of course, but 74 is not enough “


It’s Guinness fever. It will be a sold out Palaverde (given the capacity reduced to 60%, just under 3,300 people) the one that awaits the panthers for the match against Trentino on Sunday, the one that could give Conegliano the 74th consecutive victory and, therefore, the world record. solo in the special “ranking”. Santarelli will also try to win with the experience and qualities of Hristina Vuchkova, an added value for the Prosecco Doc Imoco, found at the end of August without Fahr. Despite the high-level background, the Bulgarian center humbly presented itself to the yellow and blue home. «When I arrived I was happy and a little worried at the same time, because I knew I was in the best team in the world. I felt a lot of pressure and responsibility to join the group. Knowing that I had two stars like Egonu and Wolosz by my side almost intimidated me, but then everything passed, I am calmer, I work well in the gym and I adapted to the pace and training criteria, which here are very high and precise. Details are taken care of which other teams do not give importance, but which then make the difference ».

Starter in 5 of the 9 games played so far by Conegliano, Vuchkova confirmed his skills as a “spider” with 14 point blocks (the best together with De Kruijf) and excellent efficiency in attack (62%), touching the double three times figure. «I put a lot of energy. I am finding ever better harmony with Asia and I hope that she will continue to trust me ». Together with her husband Ivajlo and her two-year-old son Hristo, she lives in the center of Conegliano. “For us it was the best choice, because it allows us more freedom in family life. My husband made a great sacrifice by giving up playing basketball, but we couldn’t both continue playing sports. This allows me to focus better on competitions and training. Palaverde? The audience completely changes the face of the arena and the warmth that these fans transmit is unique. In Turkey too there are many, but there is much more heart here. I thank all those who have given me gifts for my baby ».

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The paths of the 30-year-old Bulgarian and Conegliano had already crossed in the F4 of the 2018 Champions League, with the victory of the panthers over Galatasaray for third place. «I like the Champions League and I hope to make my contribution. The World Championship, on the other hand, will be a debut for me and I think we need to have maximum concentration ». On the record of 73 consecutive victories Vuchkova reveals a locker room secret. «Sunday we can do 74, but it’s not enough. Santarelli told us he wants to reach 100 and I agree ». –

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